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What are thier Rights?


Last day, I went to Tandoorwala(Traditional Stoves) for getting Breads (Roti) in my area; Model Town. This faction of the society is amongst one of the poorest ones thus not respected for their social status. I don’t humiliate this underprivileged class of our so-called enlightened society as others do. I like them because; they are satisfied up to some extent, but always thanking to GOD even for their Hand to Mouth lives. They don’t go madly for materialistic lives unlike many of riches in Pakistan.

I went to him by getting off from my car, but I saw many people coming to his Tandoor for Breads, but nobody got off from their luxurious cars, because it was hot and they did not want to be effected by the summer and last but not the least they were from class of Rich. Tandoorwala was not only baking breads but delivering them in the cars. I was startled over the attitudes towards this working class that is striving hard to earn something for their babies. Is this our civilized way to approach the underprivileged ones? Hre in Pakistan We are inspired by the West, we aspire to become like them, but unfortunately, we can’t see and afford norms that are forte of civilized society in the West, People come to the Fuel stations, and put the fuel to their cars themselves. Why we can not adopt these realities in our society?

I know many people will want to get the job of Fuel station attendant, and they might earn for their families. Ok I agree! But what is about this Tandoorwala? What is his crime? why he is so unlucky that he not only bake breads in scorching heat but provides to these rich people? Can God be unfair to His Human Beings that on one hand people enjoy and other hand people deprive?

NO! I don’t think so; For me these are the results of failed policies of past Governments, our forefathers and society, i’ll place blame in them. They didn’t think about their Future Generations, and now we are blaming them, I would want to request my generation that we can’t afford to be blame for the same reasons; please owe that are we not repeating mistake?

I do not want that after few decades, our next generation calls us culprits for not providing them with single positive attitude. Take another example; we always criticize Child Labor in Industries; our industrial products have been refused in external world for having children in industries as labors. But I did not hear voices raised for the rights of Child Labor (Maid) in our homes. What happens to such maids and what our women do to these small kids; and how tough is their jobs.The small kids aging from 7-18 work for 18 hours continuously just for leftover food, shelter and second hand cloths. People abuse them; beat them and they suffer mental and physical assault. Can someone tell me their future? They are kept deprived of their basic right of education.

If Pakistan cannot see these problems and fight these i wonder why several thousands people sacrificed their lives for many years to make this country? I am sure, they believed that Pakistan is capable and still it is one of the best countries in the World, which have abundant natural resources i.e. Pakistan got World’s Largest Gold Mine in Balochistan. So i am not disappointed.

However what about the basic rights including education? Can somebody comments on who would they blame for their miseries GOD or US? I want to draw attention towards a small thing that we ourselves make problems not only for us but for our coming generations. And still we expect to achieve our set goals when our attitudes do not help corroborate us; we blame as per our very common habit saying it was our Fate. Problems are everywhere even in West but they know how to handle and provide their people with basic amenities.

We have been declared as third world nation on basis of these problems, and people of developed countries can’t imagine about these deprivations. Pakistani society in its nature could not inherit the concept of Rights and Duties, rather produced millions of misconception regarding religion. What i see where problem lie is Pakistanis being ignorant have only source to learn about religion from mullahs; thus being ignorant they follow heard Islamic code of Life interpreted by Maulvis instead of reading themselves or visit to Religious Scholars. We always talk about Corporate Social Responsibility, but have we ever thought about Civil Social Responsibility? Why we don’t think about others who are also Human Beings like us. When our society will come out from these unethical practices?

At the end, I would like to say that our so-called legislators should make stick law for Child Labor, and make basic education compulsory for them, and it should be responsibility of owner. It will give at least some awareness to them, which might be reduced their problems in future.


  1. Dear Rani,
    We should work on this Violence and Child Labor issue as we are accountable to GOD one day. This is immortal world, but majority don’t think over this.



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