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Taseer asks political parties to form coalition


LAHORE: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer has called for an immediate coalition between the three major political parties to form government in Punjab in a bid to lift governor rule from the province. Addressing a news conference here, the governor said “I invite Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and PML-Q to form their coalition and let me know the name of a unanimous candidate for chief minister as I can lift the governor rule as soon as possible.”

He urged PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif to cooperate with the government in this regard; adding that presently no party has its majority therefore any two of them should prove their majority in the house.

Taseer said the key parties should finish the politics of forward blocks, horse-trading and conformation against each other. The governor declared that he had not given orders to arrest PML-N chief during lawyer’s Long March, neither directed police to fire teargas on protestors.-SANA



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