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Friday, June 25, 2021

Nation to defend, if drone attack hit Balochistan

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ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Mir Zafar Ullah Kahn Jamali has said that the whole nation would defend Balochistan if the US launched the operation of drone attacks. Talking to a TV channel here on Wednesday, he said that if the whole country could become united on the judges’ restoration then there was no question for not opposing such the US move.

Zafar Ullah Jamali said that the US considered the whole world as terrorists adding that launching drone attack on Pakistan, the front line state in war on terror, was not fair the part of the US. He said that Pakistan is a sovereign country and it has its own identity adding that it was Pakistan who forced Russia to leave Afghanistan.

He asked the government to think seriously about the defense of the county adding that Pakistan is not weak country and it has other options also. Replying a question regarding the drones flying inside Pakistan territory, Jamali said that this question could be better answered by the Defense Minister and Interior Minister. He asked the government to leave the race for government offices because the people would only support the government if it works for the betterment of them.

In a separate news Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) President Talal Akbar Bugti has demanded of the government to help stopping US drone attacks inside Pakistan and provide security to its citizens. Talking to a TV channel here on Wednesday, he said that the government is expert in killing its own people.

Talal Bugti further stated that in the past Eastern Pakistan became Bangladesh due to atrocities of rulers and at present same is being done in Balochistan and NWFP. He asked the government to talk to the Americans in a brave manner adding that if present government is not in a position to talk to the Americans it should call Fidel Castro to retaliate America.

This reaction came when a US news paer Newyork Times wrote about the US plans to expand the drone attacks to Balochistan. According to news President Obama and his national security advisers are considering expanding the American covert war in Pakistan far beyond the tribal areas to strike at a different center of Taliban power in Baluchistan, where top Taliban leaders are orchestrating attacks into southern Afghanistan.

According to New York Times, senior administration officials, two of the high-level reports on Pakistan and Afghanistan that have been forwarded to the White House in recent weeks have called for broadening the target area to include a major insurgent sanctuary in and around the city of Quetta.

The extensive missile strikes being carried out by Central Intelligence Agency-operated drones have until now been limited to the tribal areas, and have never been extended into Baluchistan, a sprawling province that is under the authority of the central government, and which abuts the parts of southern Afghanistan where recent fighting has been the fiercest. Fear remains within the American government that extending the raids would worsen tensions. Pakistan complains that the strikes violate its sovereignty.

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  1. as it is very sad news to listen that US is now planning to attack on pakistan land baluchistan also .i think Pakistani sovereignty is zero .well my question is that why president zardari could not take serious take action against US goverment . He should shutoff there useless mouth. well we all peoples should and must make an huge strikes against this US drone attack on baluchiatan so that we can shutoff there mouth.

  2. Bush addmitted financing Sistan and Baluchistan insurgency organisations.Reason why because they are working on agenda.Mush and Bugti were also working on their agenda.after the cold war
    UFO research were closed in 90’s by american research council then they opened the new ones on Nortadamus and Mahdi.
    Nortadamus was closed after Iraq war and Mahdi will be closed after
    cleanings of islam in this area.
    Pakistanis have had played and will cary on playing Jackass role


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