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Kurd vows to continue struggle despite all hurdles

QUETTA: President Supreme Court Bar Association Ali Ahmed Kurd has said that all roads of Pakistan have been sealed, hostels have been vacated and the government has paralyzed the life all over the country. Addressing a press conference on Sunday, he said that a change has come in the country due to lawyers and civil society.

Ali Ahmed Kurd said that we are still present on roads for supremacy of the constitution and the law and will remain at the sit-in until Iftikhar Chaudhry is not restored. He said that there was no road on which heavy contingents of police were not deployed. Our companions have been arrested from all parts of the country and the lawyers were off-loaded from planes. Kurd said that the protest would not be ended by sealing the cities. Those who have become the rulers because of the lawyers are taking undemocratic steps. He said the lawyers are peaceful despite the provocative actions by the government. He stressed that a peaceful protest is our legal right and we are being deprived of this right.-SANA

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