Chief Justice restored through executive order: Ch. Nisar confirmed

Leader of Opposition has confirmed that deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry has been restored. Geo TV has reported quoting Ch. Nisar that Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry will be restored through executive order. In this regard Mian Shahbaz Sharif disqualified Chief Minister has appreciated the role of Lawyers Movement; media along with the politically active 16 crore masses. This is important to mention he has earlier mention that Long Chief Justice will be restored before the March reaches to Jehlum.

State TV Pakistan Television has announced that Prime Minister will address nation soon on TV. It is expected that he will announce restoration along with ending of Governor Rule in Punjab and review Petition. Furthermore sources told Pakistan Times that Chief Justice will be restored through executive order or Parliament will decide.

It is said that Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry will resume office of Chief Justice after Abdul Hameed Dogar will retire from his office on March 21, 2009.

Political analysts are tagging this restoration as the defeat of President Asif Ali Zardari but success of democracy.

Prime Minister has played a certainly positive role; and people who have been putting question mark on credibility of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani.

Lawyers have reached at House of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry; sources told that people are overwhelmed and dancing in front of His house.

Muslim League-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif has been asked to stopped at Kamonki; refused to accept all government curbs for halting long march and led the Marchers of several thousand people from Lahore.

Ali Ahmed Kurd said we still need to see how much substance this news carries is more important.

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    Nawaz Shariff loves to destabilize democracy and there is a long list of other politicians who share his fantasy of playing ugly role in failing Democracy. Nawaz Shariff is keep talking about Justice Iftikhar but he forgets that he was involved in attacking supreme court of Pakistan, on the other hand I think it will it be better for Justice Ifthikah to join PML(N) OR make his own political party because I am pretty sure that if Nawaz gets power, he will not reinstate him because Nawaz hands are not clean either. Nawaz Sharif is a big hypocrite. He had the Supreme Court physically attacked on 28th Nov 1997 but is now standing up for the independence of the judiciary just because he hates Musharraf. And another thing is that whatever these politicians want becomes the solution to everything. They wanted democracy, it was the “solution to everything”. Now they want judiciary, it is the “solution to everything”. Nawaz Sharif , talks of independence of judiciary but before doing that ,at least he should eliminate the culprits of Supreme court attack case from his party. A few months ago he categorically said the reinstatement of the judges is the most crucial issue facing the people of Pakistan. (Actually, I’m pretty sure the food and electricity crises are the most crucial issues facing the people of Pakistan. Then comes the threat of militancy and terrorism. You’ve got to put inflation in there too. Pakistani politicians have double standards, lets put it this way, Nawaz was after the daughter of chief justice Abdul Hameed Dogar but Nawaz forgets that Rules were bent in 1991 to admit Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Mariam Nawaz to King Edward Medical College in Lahore . According to reports Mariam was a grade-B student in matric and FSc and scored 580 out of 850, and 767 out of 1,100 in the two exams in 1989 and 1991 respectively , Clearly, she did not qualify for admission to the KEMC on open merit. She was admitted to the Army Medical College in Rawalpindi and was migrated after only a month to the KEMC, which she left without completing her degree it was ‘almost comical’ that having done something similar, the Sharifs were pointing fingers at the chief justice. PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif wants CJ Abdul Hameed Dogar to resign over allegation that his daughter received undue favor for admission in a private medical college, but he is yet to offer an apology for his own daughter Mariam actually receiving such favor for enrolment in a public sector medical college in 1991 ,I am not defending what DOGER done but all this corrupt Pakistani elite is in same boat. Its also interesting that Nawaz called Zardari worst then Musharaff but Nawaz forgets that his mentor (Dictaor Zia) was the worst dictator in Pakistan and he is no less than him. How will you promote the merit, Mr.Nawaz, you have yourself reached here on Zia’s lap .We are fool to expect you anything. Mr Nawaz Sharif, people of Pakistan beg you to please not to destabilize country. People know in any hour of trial, you have your Palace and business in Saudi Arabia and you will flee in minutes but Pakistanis do not have any other place to live. Please stop playing your heinous designs and let us save PAKISTAN . So called politicians likeNawaz Sharif ,survive in politics based on their wealth and fudel background, lets not forget that majority of these politicians forefathers betrayed their nation and helped ENGLISH masters to rule Indian subcontinent . When Nawaz was leaving for Saudia Arabia, where was his pain for people of Pakistan or even of people of his own party. He left them all in crisis to have holidays in Saudi Palaces. He has been financing so called Jihadis and took funds from OSAMA to run his election campaign. In fact his political father Zia has laid all seeds of religious fanaticism. ,Benazir has lost her life ,even Gen Musharaff narrowly escaped two life attempts, ANP leadership suffered, but Do you know any leader of PML(N) to whom militants have posed life threats? If now after his political summersault he begins to believe that the problem lies in our home, Why didn’t he join hands with Zardari to crush out the militants? An indeed example of hypocrisy Nawaz Sharif .