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Monday, August 2, 2021

Zardaristan or Pakistan

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We are sitting outside Pakistan and are watching the deteriorating situation. We are overseas Pakistanis who have joined PTI as its foundation 13 years ago was based on establishing an independent judiciary and rule of law in Pakistan. No other political party had this ideology or was firm in their belief that the rule of law & independent judiciary is the most important foundation for a democratic society. However it has taken PTI 13 years to identify a Chief Justice (“CJ”) who will help achieve this dream and who will
ensure that the judiciary is no longer the puppet of the ‘Establishment’ and it has taken Pakistan 61 years to realize this – hence we cannot afford to lose this chance to bring a positive change to Pakistan. As there was not a Free and independent judiciary in place at the time of the elections (18 Feb 2008), PTI did not
participate and the results of these elections are there for all to see – a stalemate with the same dictatorship in the form of Zardari. The PPP government is a continuation of the military dictatorship.

Pakistan has become a police state. A state where civil and human rights are not observed, where its own citizens feel insecure and unsafe one example is Tahira Abdullah, a human rights worker was arrested from her house, it is a place where we are killing our own people using our own army, where peoples investments are not guaranteed, where only the rich and elite get justice and where people are not allowed to peacefully protest. The PPP government has imposed section 144 & is putting all its effort and focus in arresting, beating, harassing innocent people who have not broken any law – all they want is to support the movement for independent judiciary. Why has the government not taken any action on drone attacks or the missing people ?

Pakistan is now only for the PPP Zardari clan – should be called ‘Zardaristan’ as only he is driving his dictatorial policies and agenda. There is no justice or thought for the stabilization & sovereignty of Pakistan and its 170 million inhabitants. As a result of lawlessness the people of Pakistan are now demanding the
restoration of judiciary & CJ Iftekhar Chaudhry and hence the Long march which is a democratic way to peacefully protest. The main pillar of a civilized & true democratic society and in Islam is “the rule of Law” through an independent judiciary.

In Pakistan the corrupt leaders are used to pillaging and plundering and selling our people without any accountability, such as Musharraf who is roaming the world enjoying life and Shaukat Aziz who is living like a prince in London. Obviously the PPP dictatorship wants this precedence to continue.

The people of Pakistan are very resilient and very determined and they have seen a light at the end of the dark tunnel and they will not let this chance go. They will bring a change to the country after 61 years
of civilian corruption and military dictatorship and we wholeheartedly support this movement to change Pakistan and move it in the direction that was envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.


Editor Note: This is a Press Statement released by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf UK Chapter

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  1. it’s so convenient to lay the blame on one person’s doorstep isnt it? from the War on Terror to the internal issue of dismissing CJ, Zardari and PPP have inherited these problems. instead of realizing this Sharifs have found the judges issue to be an opportunity to press their advantage.. all these issues you talk about, human rights, economy, etc, Sharifs should realize, address adn admit them as much because it was a coalition.. the unforutnate fact is that as always, Pakistan is at mercy of one-man politics.. whether that man be CJ Iftikhar or Sharifs.. everyone wants their own piece of cake, while the intl powers watch to cut themselves a slice of the nation.


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