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Aatish’s book pressuring Zardari to remove Taseer

ISLAMABAD: After publishing some parts of Aatish Taseer’s book, the pressure has increased on President Asif Ali Zardari to remove Salman Taseer as Governor of Punjab. It is pertinent to mention that some parts of Aatish Taseer’s book, a son of Salman Taseer by Indian journalist Indian Indian journalist, Tavleen Singh. He wrote the book, titled “Stranger to History: A Son’s Journey through Islamic Lands”, is about to be launched in London in a week and in India a few weeks later.

According to Indian Magazine Outlook, “the book is a fictional version of Aatish’s dramatic life story. Briefly, the story is this: “A short, intense relationship between a Pakistani politician, Salmaan Taseer, and an Indian journalist, Tavleen Singh, produces a child. As the relationship founders, the father (according to his son’s account) abandons the mother and the infant in London”.

“The accusations set off a storm of reactions in Aatish, from hurt and defensiveness to confusion and curiosity. How was his father, who (as he was to recount in his book) drank Scotch every evening, never fasted and prayed, even ate pork and once said: ‘It was only when I was in jail and all they gave me to read was the Quran”, the Outlook reported.

Following is an extract of the book:

“I had begun my journey asking why my father was Muslim, and this was why: none of Islam’s once powerful moral imperatives existed within him, but he was Muslim because he doubted the Holocaust, hated America and Israel, thought Hindus were weak and cowardly, and because the glories of the Islamic past excited him.

After publishing the book, many of President Zardari’s companions are suggesting him to remove Taseer as he has lost his credibility and damaging also PPP credibility. President Zardari’s spokesman Frahatullah Babar has been tried to contacted but he was not available to respond on the issue.-SANA

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