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Volatile situation barring traders from advancement

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Islamabad: National Traders Alliance (NTA) on Wednesday said business community is confused as it is facing two dangerous alternatives with no hope of an early rescue. Malik Sohail Hussain, VP, NTA, former SVP, ICCI and President, Traders Welfare Association, Blue Area said that business community is under stress due to sliding business activities and heightening uncertainty in the country.

“Different ongoing movements in country have added to the problems of trading community and dented businesses beyond repair,” said Malik Sohail. We are feeling insecure due to false assurances provided by those who matters.

Politicians are trying to make traders a party. We faces wrath of administration if we decide to go for a strike. And we have to bear vandalism and threats if we decide to keep businesses open. The opposition parties’ starts making lists of traders to teach them a lesson.

This he said while speaking to a meeting attended by Chairman Traders Welfare Association Malik Saghir, Ch. Wasim, Syed Amin Pirzada, Ch. Muhammad Naeem, Yusuf Rajput, Shakil Aziz, Sahahid Alam and others. He said that political workers should stop threatening trading community and get their issues resolved peacefully.

At the meeting, the business leaders said that whole country is burning, innocent are being killed and no one is feeling secure but our leaders are playing flute like Nero.“Traders are fed up of power struggle between politicians, leg pulling among top bureaucracy, lawlessness, rent control mechanism, evictions and dirty tactics of many departments,” said Malik Saghir.

Malik Sohail said threats of politicians have not only harassed traders but also further divided them. He appealed those who are at the helm to take steps for tranquillity in country and bailout business community. We are at a dead-end; we have a right to get opportunities for advancement.

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