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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Demise of Democratic System

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Heads of Country’s two popular Political parties; PPP and PML-N are confronting since Sharif Brothers were declared disqualified according to one of Supreme Court decision. This decision left them unqualified for contesting in Elections and bringing them down from their existing status vis-à-vis removing Shahbaz Sharif from position of Chief Minister of Punjab. Government imposed Governor Rule same day just to fill the interregnum caused by disqualification case. Political workers of PML-N resentment increased with this decision. With reconciliation PML-N formulated government in Punjab after gaining majority vote in said province and in alliance with PPP. Political pundits denoted this alliance as an un-natural bonding. But everyone was optimistic about the newly resumed democratic system in country.

Despite the fact Asif Ali Zardari was not very popular among masses of Pakistan; his step of becoming Co-Chairman of PPP bared his lust for power. Ever since he resumed office of President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan; people of Pakistan started realizing their position from Scylla to Charybdis. One year’s finagling proved only a change of name contextualizing dictatorship of Musharraf’s era. His denial from restoring judiciary and abrogating 17th amendment in accordance with Charter of Democracy corroborated his gargantuan appetite for power. These issues structured bone of contention between PPP and PML-N.
Controlled hue and cry was appearing against the government by PML-N but an open and all-out attack against the government was launched when PML-N leadership started character assassination of President Asif Ali Zardari revealing their plans of destabilizing government. Nawaz Sharif has asked people to get ready to be on the streets to change their destiny. Adding fuel to fire PPP; depriving PML-N – majority party from its right to govern Punjab reached yesterday definitive confronting when Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf announced that time for reconciliation was over.

PML-N along with those political parties which decided not to contest elections has announced their active participation in Long March and sit-in; drew up as Fabian Tactics by the Lawyers who are wrestling with government for restoration of Independent Judiciary. The lawyers movement now is more dedicated to the restoration of disposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry; the man who stood by principals and did not let contravening Musharraf in constitution. Memory of the masses is considered to be short term but not to that extent that they could forget he was one of the PCO judges who substantiated Musharraf’s rule legitimate. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Jammat Islami boycotted Elections 2008 and stayed away from the mainstream political course of action thus Midterm elections is like Hobson’s choice to enter in Parliament at the cost of democratic system whatever would have been the principals for their boycott-it becomes incumbent upon politicians to be in mainstream if they want to be heard . Thus Imran and Qazi are standing in queue to support disposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry; [earlier popular now a little bit notorious] and keeping PML-N leadership away from reconciliation.

Leader of Awami National Party Asfand Yar wali, Jamiat Ullimah Islam Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman have endeavored for reconciliation between PPP and PML-N. Unfortunately their efforts are not seeing the face of the sun because of the obdurate and egoist attitude of Political leaders.

On return from India Former Army Chief and president of Pakistan Gen. (r) Pervaiz Musharraf addressed a press conference; where he deliberately stressed on favoring Army and ISI. He tried to gesticulate somehow that if the internal political situation in Pakistan sustain instable; Military intervention can be possible option. His body language was giving impression as if he was on Olympian heights. Musharraf’s visit to India on pretext of addressing a Seminar and being interviewed by Indian TV Channel supporting the role of ISI against RAW or CIA endorses that military intervention is doable option in political arena of Pakistan once again. He even said if he would be offered a significant role he would be please to be president once again. His visit is measured as pressure tactic upon PPP government by those foreign components that intervened a deal between Musharraf and PPP; to resolve the internal political matter. Millions of brows were raised over the coverage given by media to him but Pecksniffian like Muharraf; most abhorred by his own people; anything said by him would end in null and void. Thus concerns for these foreign components are merely to prove Musharraf as a patriotic and large hearted Pakistani who could be a part of track II diplomacy but to make Lilliputian Pakistani politicians unmistakable for their so-called Herculean power. Who dare to think that drones should b given them to abolish militancy from Tribal areas of Pakistan.

Government has burnt its own fingers by imposing first governor rule; then ordering mobile courts and taking the decision back; now this open confrontation with a partially uncontrollable ally PML-N. To form a government in Punjab; game of MEMBERS cum NUMBERS is commenced after clear picture of hostility appeared between PPP and PML-N. Government is indeed frightened over the intensity of politically charged environment in which Long March and Sit-in is going to be held. Government or more appropriately Asif Ali Zardari is reluctant to offer the same sauce to PML-N leadership he has enjoyed in shape of NRO. He does not want to wash his dirty linen in public so he is unenthusiastic towards the restoration of disposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry. Disposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry after being in the van; as per expectations of masses will grind everyone including President Asif Ali Zardari. Who had corruption charges against him, and many political leaders either released from detention or returned Pakistan from exile in wake of National Reconstruction Order-its authenticity is still questionable. Furthermore resuming of November 2, 2007 Judiciary is major demand from Opposition and political parties. A monarch never wants to come under the thumb of independent judiciary.

This hydra headed problem has made situation hermetically sealed and suffocated where hundreds of conspiracy theories are echoing. One famous and popular one “Pakistan will disintegrate” based on the analogy derived from the 1971; when winning political party was kept away from formulating government resulting in disintegration of Pakistan forming Bangladesh. Masses of Pakistan; in this regard; had no option even of appealing to Philip sober when decision was made by Philip drunk. Masses certainly will not want to have same night mare. God forbid if such precedent is repeated; Politicians unquestionably are aware of the fact; masses will crush them; for East Pakistan is yet an uncovered bleeding wound.

Every leader is Chimera in today’s politics; trying to corrode democratic process in Pakistan. Leaders aspire and acquire powers but big leaders are those who comprehend utilization in right direction. No one can steal the march upon others. Considering the operation in running governance with success; PPP and PML-N both are Tweedledum and Tweedledee. All doors are not closed yet; Instead of a turn tail a glorious retreat can make political leaders unforgettable entities in history. That is possible only if these leaders are flexible towards each other forgetting their personal grudges. A sad demise of democratic system will be inevitable; otherwise.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. i totally agree with you Rubab.. the larger vision and interest of the nation is missing from every charter and agenda.. as soon as Nawaz came into govt he should have taken a comprehensive debriefing about the country (which i’m sure he would have considering the visits of the american ambassador to his raiwind palace and also that if common people like you and I know these issues, he would too!) and the situation pakistan faces on the international forum… and he claims to respect and adhere to the constitution so much (conveniently forgetting of course that he too dismissed a judge during his tenure as PM) then he should have resorted to parliament acts and legal petitions to pursue his goals.. not street violence and all out sedition that shuts down all doors for negotiation.

  2. Very well written article!

    I have two observations about the polity in Pakistan:

    1. My reading says that Zardari’s days are numbered. Either he will be thrown out of the country or he will go to his wife. Its just my reading of the situation and the trend of how Pakistani politics works. I am convinced we will see an Army take over by the end of the year.. yet again. It would not be Musharraf though.

    2. I think it is pretty naive of any one to believe that Pakistan can even hope to have a basic democracy (where the leader of the country MAKES a decision and the administration follows through).. until Army and ISI in Pakistan remains what it is and the role it plays within and outside the country. I am convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that the key to Pakistani democracy is NOT with the political leaders… but in the Cantonment areas! The Generals and officers who enjoy unlimited doles and free money and absolute control.. would NEVER give it up. They didn’t when BB was there (Aslam Beg and Hamid Gul basically ran the country even then).. they didnt when Sharif was there (or Mushy wouldnt have Kargil-ed him otherwise), and they are doing it now. So, although some people may believe that Pak has at some point had a democratic ethos but I would completely disagree and as Ghalib would say: Dil ke behlane ko Ghalib yeh khayal accha hai.


  3. i am sure, in coming days there will be no more Zardarism. Whateva will be country sitaution, but for Zardari it ll be not good situation soon. may be Banazeer is waiting for her. 🙂

  4. By Miss Sabahat Rohilla VP PAIM


    PAIM Präsident Agha Hassan Syed and Deputy Präsident Jamal takkko have said:
    Electoral and parliamentary democratic system has failed nation always.
    Revolution PAIM is the last solution and final option.Niwaz sheref or any other are the same as zirdari Mr,They all become civil Dictator when comes in power(niwaz Mr last two term in power were not different than Zirdari Govt.So stop fooling yorselselves.
    Wait for the day PAIM will come and eradicate political cancers from the roots.
    this is written on the advice of Präsident Agha Hassan Syed germany and deputy Präsident Mr Jamal takkko france.
    Pakistan Awami Inqilab Movement PAIM
    Miss Sabahat Rohilla
    Vice Präsident PAIM

  5. but what can we got at end of the day?? after long march can we got peace or we can overcome the loadsheding problem…answer is NO…….

    unfortunately nawaz shareef and zardari both have same agenda…. both are unreliable… now the polotical game is look like the game of mid 90’s, when nawaz shareef impose governer rule in sindh…. but all this activity affact our motherland and only poor ppls suffer with this situation… b/c whenever a worst time come to pakistan .. nawaz sharif runs to saudia and zardari runs towards UAE…and we have to face all of the critical condition … so be ready madam rubab saleem sahiba for another “fauji raaj”… regards

  6. Pretty nice read Rubab.
    I hope we will get rid of Zardari very soon. I really can’t understand, how Nawaz Sharif, a big politician himself, was so easily played by Zardari.
    The thing is Democratic system is destined to create the similar situations in Pakistan unless each and everyone of the people of Pakistan get educated of there responsibilities. In this country everyone is trying to bend the rule even at the lowest level to get their stuff done, what can we expect from the people up in the ladder.
    If things dont change, We will keep electing RULERs like Zardari and then cry over the spoiled milk…

    Lets pray for our dear Country and try to change the picture ourselves !!!

  7. Rubab! solution is reconciliation.. we struggled for 9 years .. and whole history witnessed we Pakistanis fought against dictatorship.. this is new kind o dictatorship we are in encounter with “ZARDARISM”

  8. Insightful and beautifully written analysis. And although I wish it were not all so true, Pakistani people, in my observation, do know what they want, and may very well end up, fairly soon, teaching the world about what democracy really is.

  9. I agree with you they know what they wan.. but somehow there are is a silent segment.. who will make difference once they will be needed to speak.. and people who are on the streets protesting and being detained are those who are looking for “change”
    i partially do not support we need to stabilize the system first.. in Pakistan and need to feel the actual essence of democracy

  10. They know their rights but since democracy is not being practiced in its true sense but a time will come when this nation will raise above all odds and yo will find them teaching and mentoring.. inshAllah


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