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Rehman Malik’s source of power

Dear Editor!

Please allow me to offer my sincere apology to the Sri Lankan guests for failing to protect them. However, I am beaming with pride for the bravery of our policemen we witnessed on the TV screens. I salute the brave sons of soil, who kept their word in spirit even at the cost of their lives. I have no doubt Pakistan will survive through this storm too, just like it weathered countless other calamities throughout its 60 years of history.

If we didn’t know any better, it would appear certain people in the highest circles of the government never miss an opportunity to lay the blame of every terrorist act — around the globe — on Pakistan; they will do so this time too.

Rumor has it, Rehman Malik is CIA’s man. Even if he isn’t, at minimum, he has to be Mr. Zardari’s man. How else a person who miserably failed to protect the life of his boss could have been promoted to a ministerial position? Anywhere else in the world a professional worth his salt would have tendered his resignation upon the first horrendous failure; and here despite sitting over one after other monumental failures, like Ms. Bhutto’s assassination, Marriot blast and now Lahore attack, Mr. Malik is still allowed to go strong. God forbid, if Mr. Zardari or his party would have dared to ask for his resignation.

Hopefully one day we will findout the powers to be behind Mr. Malik iron grip over one of the most important offices in the Pakistani security apparatus.


Adnan Gill

Los Angeles

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