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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Bloody Game

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Once again… Pakistan is targeted.. No clue will be found and assumption based theories will echoing all over media. In a sad incident six Sri Lankan Players sustained injuries including wicketkeeper batsman Kumar Sangakkara, Tilan Samaraweer and Ajantha Mendis while at least five policemen were killed in an attack by a dozen masked gunmen armed with rifles and rocket launchers in Lahore. Salute to Sri Lankan team that despite the alarming situation in Pakistan consented to come to Pakistan when every other team refused to come to play here. According to resources the team is shifted to airport via helicopter; they will soon be leaving for Sri Lanka.

Everyone is emitting rage against Pakistan including India targeting its internal unstable political situation; saying Islamabad must dismantle what it says about the eradication of terrorist networks on Pakistani soil. Obama Administration is revisiting its policy regarding Pakistan and Afghanistan now a days to constitute renewed strategy. This incident will leave an impression that Pakistan; a nuclear armed state; is a country that is not safe and uncontrollable thus it nukes should be taken in control. Terrorism in Pakistan is a serious threat to the peace of whole world and a prompt action would be demanded in wider interest of Pakistan and world too. International community will demand significant steps to destroy terrorist infrastructures for good.

In the wake of recent attacks reaction from foreign media and particularly from Indian media is not strange as it hardly misses a chance to tag Pakistan unstable and unsafe country. For them it is latest sign of the disintegration of security in Pakistan. India and foreign media has started raising fingers towards Pakistan in wake of internal political situation; it is pertinent to mention that Governor rule was imposed By President Asif Ali Zaardari few days back; soon after the Supreme Court’s decision of Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif disqualification. In this regard on huge level bureaucratic relocation was noticed across the province within district management and in police too. Vacuum created by this movement provided chances to terrorists to attack without significant resistance.

Opposition leaders may call it an attempt by the government agencies to hamper the Long March and Sit-in announced by Lawyers as a significant part of their movement for the restoration od independent Judiciary; where Most of the coalition parties including Pakistan Muslim League -N, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf along with civil society has decided to join hands in Long March. Again a mass level of protest was expected; thus keeping in view Government previously released Nuclear scientist Dr. Qadeer from house detention then promulgated widely criticized Mobile Courts through a presidential order to curtail free movement of masses; This recent incident of attacking Cricket team can be a part of series designed by the Government to stop Lawyers.

Political leaders in Pakistan are of the point that somehow foreign hand is involved having animosity with Pakistan and its stability. In last November Mumbai was rocked by the terrorist’s attacks and since after a blame game started. India clearly said that Terrorists belong to Pakistan. We must not forget here that General Elections in India are being held in next Month and Indian government has to give message to its people regarding the Mumbai Terrorist attacks; that it is well settling of scores with Pakistan. Slman Taseer Governor Punjab said on the spot that the attack upon Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore bear the same features that were carried out in Mumbai terrorists attacks.

Few days back Government of Pakistan reached a peace truce between local militants in Swat to maintain peace in the Region. Such treaties have irked West previously; For them it provides militants to create safe heavens in tribal areas of Pakistan in NWFP and Baluchistan. So when some serious circles in Pakistan reveals it is an effort to isolate Pakistan in International community we can not ignore the fact; this incident was pre-planned on broad scale.

What can be worse than bringing bad name to Pakistan this way; Peace ambassadors like cricketers are attacked. No one will want to come to Pakistan ever and again. Cricket World Cup that was being held in 2010-2011 in Pakistan; ICC has called off the World Cup in Pakistan.

As concerned Pakistani not only me but whole nation condemns and grieved over this gruesome act. People in Pakistan are numbed and not coming out of trauma saying attack on guests is attack on us and our integrity. Fact cannot be ignored that India and Pakistan has been exchanging a long rhetoric after Mumbai Terrorist Attacks. Thus a conscious Pakistani smells that foreign hand involved; can be INDIA. India has several reasons to do so; RAW involvement can be clearly seen for Informed sources pointed out RAW behind suicide attacks and current activities specially in NWFP & Baluchistan and now in Punjab. 18 Indian Consulates in Afghanistan operating to support anti-Pakistan activities. Furthermore the evidences including guns and rocket launchers found on the spot are Indian. Indian team was replaced by Sri Lanka keeping in view the current security situation and soaring tensions between Pakistan and India in wake of Mumbai terrorists attacks. Pakistan was pressurized to call off this cricket series.

Furthermore Sri Lanka is facing turbulence in its country too. While peeping into history India and Sri Lanka; they are not enjoying cordial relation since long and India allegedly been found in supporting elements like Tamil Tigers.

It is also important to say that after Mumbai Carnage; Pakistan took a strong stand against the blames of its involvement in attacks. Afterwards Lashker-e-Taiba found to be one of the major players in orchestrating Mumbai terrorist attacks with unavoidable evidences once America intervened. Once again it is started with India; need to see how and where this situation will lead.

Whole nation is demoralized not because they are hopeless but because they are numbed over this bloody game. Sports were not being targeted previously but now this bloody game has turned the whole scenario.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. denial denial and more denial. Nothing new and constructive but a sorry and apologetic piece. Blame it on RAW whle Taliban takes control of your country.

  2. True, but already a lot of rhetoric is directed towards India, my only source is one of your own blogsite five rupees blogspot.com.

    But again some very sensible writings there. See the problem with us muslims is anyone outside of our religion is deemed an enemy, we never look inwards and never accept that our people are the real culprits. I am taking the example of 9/11 (jews did it), 26/11 (right wing wing hindus did it) etc etc not only in the near past even in distant past if you see we muslims have based the division of sunni and shia to Jews of medina!!!! As though muslims are bathed in milk.

    We have to accept that it is a problem amongst us and only we can deal with it(muslims of Indian subcontinent). This situation has now gone out of control,out of hand. We somehow seek God’s intervention in something that we cannot deal. Even the 1857 mutiny had same religious zeal and fervours , some newspapers like delhi urdu akhbar went on to quote that people witnessed soldiers on horse and camel back dressed in green have come to fight jihad against infidel angrez, but the outcome of it we all know.

  3. i totally agree with you; i mentioned that picture has yet to be cleared.. India has several reasons to do so.. [assumption]
    India immediately started pointing fingers towards security collapse in Pakistan … did you hear a phrase; i cant write it verbatim though it can convey meanings “Jab ksis k gher chori hoti hai to usay sab chor lagtay hain”

  4. Sorry Rubab, India has no reason to ignite a bloody situation in Pakistan. For India a much prosperous and stabilised Pakistan is a very much desired notion. India only made such statements after convincing evidences were found. India is a responsible country and had supported Pakistan in obtaining huge world bnak loan to fight the recent economic recession and even in cricket PCB’s biggest support came from BCCI until recently before Bombay happened. Whereas Pakistan govt is a corrupt one, I am sorry to say, but the various news come from Pakistan is disgusting to say the least. How many times did Pak govt made flip flops about Ajmal Kasab and then finally had to eat their own humble pie? even more recently the chief of navy doubted that terrorist took the arabian sea route to Bombay only to retract from the statement recently. I am afraid the situation in Pakistan is grim.
    My only hope from Pakistan is people like yourselves, though inexperienced and little biased but with proper exposure should be able rally against rogue elements in your society. Keep it coming, keep writing.

  5. I guess Rubab is right Pasha! India has solid reasons to destabilize Pakistan..
    1. General elections are approaching fast and Government need to tell its people that it is taking sufficient steps to fix Pakistan.

    2. India wants to have World Cup to be held in India- ICC president just said that Pakistan can never be unsafe place always- India tries to isolate Pakistan in outer world

    3. India and Sri lankan relations are adding suspicions.

    4.Mumbai terror Attacks were designed- whole dossier came and a counter sheet was sent to India. Indian Civil society has agreed that Internal support was there if it is accepted Kasab was involved.

    5. Pakistani Government had strong view point regarding Kasab- America Huzur jumped in and Pakistan said Let is behind this Mumbai Carnage. Navy Chief later clearify that his statement was taken wrong.

    6. India was coming to Pakistan and it was replaced by Sri Lanka- India did’nt want this series to occur..

    India is not so clean handed the way you are presenting it to be…
    We Pakistanis have strong logics not information machinaries washed brains- we see and find the facts..

  6. Hi
    i believe it is india & USA, this is based on the circumstances and india being close to USA in these days forming strategic partnership. and also india being involved heavily in Afghan government who are anti pakistan.

    Why any Jihadis in Pakistan would like to target Sri Lankan team , it just does not add up.

    so we have to look who is benefitting from this and it is USA and India. although there are forces in pakistan who are acting on the instruction of foreigh powers.
    problem is who are giving foreign powers to use us and we have foolish government installed upon us by General Musharaf by giving dictatorial power to unqualified and corrupt president.

  7. Very myopic views indeed.

    Shazia answering your last point 1st , India declined to tour Pakistan due to prevailing situation between the two countries. To say that India didn’t want the series to go on regardless which country replaces is not correct at all.

    The whole assumption that India wants the world cup to be played in India alone is a far fetched one.

    America had to intervene and do some arm twisting as it was quite clear to international community that Pakistan was not sincere in its response.
    The monster that you guys have created is now getting out of control. Clearly Pak govt is not in a position to do anything. It is a shame to invite a Srilanka and not even provide them enough security. Pakistan has a lot to answer.

  8. I dont know what has happened….but “Jo hua kharab hua”…India is not involved in any case……and this will be proved!

  9. Whatever it is, whoever it is. we feeling real pain in our heart s and souls, as being Pakistani and Muslims our guest are a lot for us. Responsible for this incident should be suspend and banned for life from any Govt. Job. and then if governor failed to captured the real persons ( for God sake this time no more fake person and then before bringing to media, an encounter and all proves finished.Bring our lawbreaker in front of all media and then fire them on screens , so world can have a message that we can take revenge of our guests.ONLY WAY TO STAND ONCE AGAIN.
    but priorities of Governor is at this time to degrade Shahbaz not to save our dignity.

  10. Rajiv Sahib! Akhir akhand Bharat ka naara aa he gaya…
    India is doing all this in region just to have “Akhand Bharat”

  11. Rubab its totally our security fault.

    But if we go in depth then it will come in our knowledge the terrist do same as in mombay attacks. But actual position is different. Remember the thief will adopt diffterent technique for different cases.

    So remember it is not done by that ones who attacked in Momby.

    Its totally master minded in our neghbiur country “INDIA”.
    It is done done under the supervision of India.

    So there will be total involvement of RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) in this shameful act. And it is guranteed.

    (Any one can go in my favour or agaist)

  12. Jo b hoova bohat burra hooa.yeh karrwy pakistan dushmano ki sazish hai, jo pakistan ko almi satha pay tanha aur aik terrorist state sabit kerna chahty hain.
    Is moqa pay pakistaioon ko chahiay k woh ithaad aur yekjehti ka mzahra kerain aur apny dushman ko pehchanty hoyee aur ussay bay niqab kerty hoye apny app ko aik aman passand, zima dar qoum aur mulak sabit kerain.

  13. This is really a sad demise and so depressing….Pakistan situation is deteriorating and this world is just spinning out of control.. There is no question that the guards that were present were very brave and did the best they could to protect the team and Pakistani citizens.
    I would expect in the future that our police and military would have better responses to emergency situations considering the amount of training and aid that has been provided as the most disturbing thing for me is that this stadium is NOT in some remote location…it is in Lahore.
    On the other hand; the Sri Lankans have been quite sweet about the whole ordeal..thanks to them

  14. An extremly wicked humbug of some impostor to isolate and debase Pakistan. And our liable Govt. can’t do anything except condemning it and giving lame excuses like ever.

  15. Feeling so depress, in which direction my beloved country enforce to move. Yaar, simple, we Pakistani are not among those, how we be? It is our land, our forefathers has offered their secrifices to bring it with this beautiful name, Pakistan. How we can destroy it with our hands. these hands are not ours. but who are these, who has established their mission to put Pakistan in depth of deep darkness? Every one of us has this question in our minds. Who and when will be solved this puzzle, Allah knows.
    For the incidence of this morning, i will put blame over the security resposible officials. See, no cricket country was willing to send team in Pakistan. If we could succeed to provide Srilankan’s proper security, we would be able to set an example before the world that Indians are wrong. But what we saw this morning? Before, every day team was coming from canal side now when they were awar of chances of any mishap could be happened they moved team through boulevard. But my question is, what the need to travel whole team in one bus, to whom every body knows that it is cricket team bus. Why tram could not transfer from PC to Qadafi, in small number of batches by armed vehicles and with proper security around them.
    To make the team prominent to every body was multipling the risk. In such circumstances, one should be in low profile, instead to be more prominent.
    Pakistan once again went to its back foots, not only in grounds of games but grounds of economy too.

  16. Stop blaming others. This is Pak problem-fix it. The goose has come home to nest. How stupid can we be. Its not india, its Pakistan, & Pakistan’s problem. wake up or face more disasters.

  17. I consider myself rather new to the understanding of the relations of two countries for which I have great feeling, India and Pakistan. And yet the more I learn about these relations, the more I get the strong feeling that Pakistan and Pakistani people are getting a rather “raw” (unfair) deal. No pun intended. But isn’t it ironic that an organization known as RAW could very well be involved in systematically encouraging the disparagement of Pakistan.

    There is an interesting article about RAW from a fairly objective source of international intelligence at globalsecurity.org. The article suggests it would be simply naive for any investigation *not* to consider RAW’s involvement in this recent and sad attack. Here’s the article:


    I am not suggesting this attack against Sri Lankan guests was India’s doing. Certainly India wants a stable Pakistan. Common sense can plainly see this. Unfortunately, common sense is not a reliable underlayment upon which to build an intelligent investigation into the cause of anything. All human beings and, of course, their respective countries, are much more motivated by fear and greed than by common sense. (We are only beginning to learn this painful lesson in America.) So, in the case of the attack on Sri Lankan cricketeers , all suspects including RAW, should be carefully considered.

  18. Hey is this a new forum to start the hatered between the civil society of both the neighbouring countries? Instead of condemning and regreting what happened all of you guys to me look like blaming each other. Everyone is coming with a different theory. One belives this is all for Akhand Bharat, the others believe its RAW, whose materialised an attack deep inside Pakistan, tackling all the security agencies in Pakistan, while others even go further to blame and look in to this terrifying act as an attack involving Tamil Tigers. God oh God are we all for assumptions only? Can anyone please tell me, when a threat of attack on Sri Lankan team inside Pakistan was suspected and even the route of the bus carrying the Lankan players was changed for the first time when the bus was attacked. What does it signify? We do have culprits inside our own regime. Its really time to wake up and grow up. Its far easy to blame others and even if our assumptions are right the thing that matters is what made others intervene inside our country? Lapses, Improper Security Arrangement, and Untidy actions. 30 mins it took the terrorists to keep firing at the Sri Lankan Squad and the Police and other Security Persons , Where Was the back up? Didn’t they ever come to know that the security squad has been attacked and a back up is required???
    Rubab over here even i agree with Pasha that being biast is not gonna set up all the wrongs right, we really need to look deep in to our ownselves to find our weaknesses and try to fix them rather than blaming others trying to interfere and intervene into our country. Remember we had a huge discussion about those mumbai terror attacks and I was of the view that, even at that time when involvement of the Pakistanis was not proved yet, even if we accept Pakistanis were involved, how could they ever say that ten or twelve fully armed men carry a huge number or arms travelled in boats to reach the indian harbour and then moved all across the mumbai without being noticed? That means the security lapse and the internal hand was involved. Over here too the problem may be foreign hand but even that foreign hand needs internal support to carry out such big operations on a soil thats not owned by them.
    Get over guys, Terrorism is not a problem for India and Pakistan only and even we are not the only victims so we don’t have to blame and argue with eachother one this issue, we need to come together to fight this problem together. Unity is the Strength that we require.
    May God Bless our World.
    (No Hard Words and No Harsh Feelings for anyone at All.)

  19. Hu all,

    A country is at brink of dis-integration with civil war at doorsteps, and it’s citizens, but more so their leaders are finding solace in accusing INDIA & USA( west) for everything. This is nothing more than a pigeon closing eyes before a cat.

    Is this the solution to Pakistan’s problem ? Perhaps not, because they all know from the bottom of thier heart that situation has gone much out of control now it’s impossible to reverse it. And this should not be a surprise to any one. Today’s situation in Pakisatn is the net result of their policies based on their religion with a vision of a perfect world. As perfect as any other Islamic country which could be proudly mentioned as a Role Model country for example Saudi Arabia, where per-capita prisoners are approximately 2 times more than Pakistan, and 4 times more than India. Try Google.

    So where we go from here. well a real trouble to India. An Unstable and fragmented country with fanatic populace is no way going to be an ideal neighbourhood any country would like to have and India is certainly no exception.

    Now try and figure it out

  20. ^ how stable do you think india is? its just a matter of time before the bubble bursts out and india itself will be shredded, not saying this as a pakistani but as a neutral observer.

    pakistan has a lot of problems within but they have nothing to do with the religion; everything to do with improper implementation of self-developed ‘cutomized’ Islam.

    they should set two things right; a ‘real’ justice system (talking about system; not personality) and peace. this will bring an end to the current turmoil. added to above is a step that can be taken to put an immediate end to political shit; ban politics and politicians for at least a decade or until the nation becomes educated enough to accept democracy.


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