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If PTI evolves social Entrepreneurship


I am BIG fan of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) due to its revolutionary agendas. I was thinking last night that can PTI become Ruling Party in next elections to take control over the destiny of this country? However, a big NO comes in my mind in such critical circumstances, where masses do not have awareness, and will go for same old Ticket Holders of Major Political Parties and Feuds. I blink my eyes and think yeah! there are other factors too including the lack of education; unstable economy and un-proper institutionalization of democracy.

When i dont find a solution i wonder what is future for our beloved country; Pakistan? I find an answer in me… Imran Khan should take bold step for betterment of Pakistan that contains natural resources; where major portion of Population comprises of Youth that is capable of bringing a productive change.

With my small wish I would want to suggests that Imran Khan should provide chances to youngsters in field Entrepreneurship from his esteemed Platform that will help in improving country’s economic progress ultimately democratic process.

I would suggest he should try to build profit based ENTERPRISES with an ambition of upward social mobaility to at least till next elections. I am sure accumulated profit would be in Millions. He has strong roots in youth they would not hesitate in giving that profit for his political campaign for his Ticket Holders in every constituency. His candidate with middle class backgrounds, Public Relationing with their Politically Active patriotic approach last but not the least purely fair Public Leaders.

Pakistani Talented Youth would be standing by his side and can be very helpful in this regard, They are capable and aspires a change a positive change in Pakistan. I firmly believe, this can be first-class way, if PTI go for this idea, and eventually will get reasonable seats in the Parliament.

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  1. For me it is youth more perturbed by the current situation in Pakistan; moreover they understand their capabilities.. but the unfortunately are deprived of direction…

    They need change and tried both of the parties PPPP and PML-N .. their coalitions.. a long history of army rule and its consequences too thus they are looking for a change and revolution that can be source to guide them.. it is for them Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf and Imran Khan.. so they feel him a savior for recent times…

  2. even i adore Imran Khan and his policies that can be possibly a change for Pakistan.. Great idea Salman.. I wish Imran should see this article and find it appropriate to take some action in this regard..

  3. Pakistani youth is telented, capable of doing some thing positive but same as raw material which is necessary to prduce some finished good but with help of some process which is necessary to convert raw material in to finished product. Raw form young generation is a power and a magnitude such as scaler and need direction to convert this scaler to vector and to make this power beneficial for Pakistan and Islamic Umma

    But as describe in this article to establish a profitable business concern and to get political benefits is not feasible, because life is not just dreaming,

  4. Thanks a lot all the readers for having interest in my article. Well, What could be the worst unfortuante of this country that it has World’s Largest GOLD Mine at Reko Diq, in Balochistan. MNCs in mining sector are exploiting our resources and their share in this venture is 75%. I want to draw your attention that this country has abondent raw material, but as MAHMOOD AHMAD said that we need process, i agree with you that we need process, but let me tell you that Superpower is looking for Raw Material not the finished goods in case of Oil and Natural Resouces in ME.
    Secondly, every finished good have some idea in mind, then it can be made but with process or plan. I agree that Idea is less important than Business Plan. Every thimg changes gradually not over nightly, as Imran Khan founded PTI around 12 years ago, and the things are changing gradually. You can see the example of Shaukat Khanam Hospital, its budget for one is around Rs. 1 Billion. Once he had thought about making a cancer hospital on donation in developing country was just a dream, but sir it is a reality. They are getting funds from Overseas Pakistanis, Local donnors, etc. In this way, If he get a idea and will, we can make Enterprise for PTI’s Plans. For example, he can start an Entrepreneurship Instititution, where any yongster from age 20 to 30 can learn entrepreneurship, training, and get some experience from company. But i know that its a difficult idea to be implemented, but not impossible one. If IK can be successfull in making this venture, then they can invest in any sector, and place youngsters to assigned tasks. It is just an idea, we can polish it or evolve it according to our requirements. But without proper plan or some revolution, PTI can never be in Parliament even Judiciary is free. Because, these politicians have billions invested in local and int markets. If PTI want compete, it must have some Prerequisite for competition. Look at parliamentarians, you will not find a single person, who doesn’t have millions. It is due to Money Matters a lot. Sharif Brothers come into Politics and rise due to their money. Both Talent and Money play role, but talent can’t do any thing progressive without money, and vice versa. I am sure you will say that many Industrialists and Businessmen are not in Politics, because they stay away by saying politics is dirty game. But i am talking about Real and True businessmen, those who earn by Halal route. What we need to do is to maximize the seats of real patriots in Parliaments. We need collective efforts not just few seats, because it doesn’t contibute. For instance, Both Lawyers, PTI, PML (N) are working hard for Freedom of Judiciary, I believe that they can be sucessfull within 2 years or in next ellections. What will be next, same PPP, PML (N), PML (Q), MQM, JUI, ANP, and others I am damn sure that they will not work for country truly, but for themselves, because corruption lies in their blood. We need new faces, new blood but real patriots. Same as Traffc Wardans in the Punjab, they don’t do corruption, because they are working on execellent policy, and they are real new faces and are not habitual to do corruption. PILDAT and Sahara Trust are running Youth Parliament Progarms, they are training, educating , etc the youth. DO u think that it can change the political scenerio ? No.. But its a democratic process, and they are playing constructive role in society. In simple words, If PTI wants change and competition with its counterparts, then hs should compete with proper plan and vission instead of dreaming. Its an idea, we can make it a product. U know British Monarchs went down, when the common people of UK were started Industrialization. Our today’s Politicians always engage Janta in tension of 2 waqt ki Roti or in other words, enagage in economic worries, and control them by power of purse, which was made by Taxes of General Public.

    Anyways, If someone has another idea, or plan for this idea, he/she is welcome to do so..


    Salman A. Sheikh

  5. I like your article. The thing about PTI is that they are a very small political party and do not have many supporters in Pakistan. As far as youth is concerned, majority of young people in Pakistan get too emotional without thinking and without even caring about their future. People in Pakistan vote without the sense of electing the right person, they just vote to elect one that is more famous or popular.
    Bottom line is that I do not see any easy way put for Pakistan through these difficult times and I do not think that PTI can win the elections in few years and then put Pakistan on the free-way.

  6. AOA,
    @ ALI, Well, Thanks a lot Ali for such a nice compliments. PTI will get popularity among people gradually, but not overnightly. It all depends on Political Awareness, Literary level, and Patriotic approach towards their country. But you know Quaid did not build the Pakistan in 10 years, he and his team worked more than 50 years. So we should be optimistic toward country. If we youth can’t do anything special, but we can change the people’s mindsets for this social cause. Writing and promotion of this kind of material can be beneficial changing the concepts of people, they acquired from surroundings.. We should be realistic and should support PTI.


    Salman A. Sheikh

  7. Dear Ms. Nadia,
    Thank you for your comments. Well, I think so Pakistani Youth is getting awareness day by day. But there is no doubt that PTI can’t make Federal Govt. in Near future. But you know everything changes gradually. As our Judiciary got freedom, I am sure that PTI will participate in Next Elections, surely will get few seats in the Punjab, and Frontier. so after some years, perhaps will get Govt. Hope for best and change the mindsets and concepts of People by writing, activision, or Speaking..


  8. Dear Mr. Asad,
    Thank you for your comments. As you are engaged with PTI, you are requested to express your feelings through articles through this esteemed platform. This Blog really rocks, and their writers and editor are really coordinating.


    Salman A. Sheikh

  9. Asalamualykum everyONe …. 🙂

    HUmm… Nice to ready your article Salman ,and same about everyOnes democratic views.
    For Brothers & Sisters who think PTI wont come forward …. i just want to be on same line as salman said , at least think positive , have positive mindsets if u wana see something positive changes. and yes Salamn we all need to bring awarness , by writing , by speaking and by any possible ways we can. I really appriciate your work , your efforts , and keep it up bro , may ALLAH bless you.

    As far as your Idea is concerned , and as far as my thoughts allow me to analyze the whole thing ,I guess its not workable bro , PTI is a political institution , not a Business Firm, thats one thing.

    For the last 6 years people and critics never missed a chance to comment on Imran Khan sb for his marriage with a Britisher. How do you expect they will let your such Business plans work… 2nd It will convay a message to people that PTI and Khan sb is much more after money then a fight for Pakistan .
    3rd and Most important thing , if you talk about changing a bad infact a worst system , then the first step is please do spare yourself form those bad habits that this worst and dirty system brought to us, so in context of my above statement.. its just useless to say , that we need money to bring good people up… Sorry brother , i strongly disagree…

    If you wana change the system , then please first step is not being part of it. How would you justify, a patriotic personality from a middle class background brought into parliament with money would still be the same as before…In above 50% cases , person will change his mindsets….

    One thing more , your said “Both Talent and Money play role, but talent can’t do any thing progressive without money, and vice versa.”
    Again & sorry to say , i disagree… when ever we talk about a strong Pakistan , a greater Pakistan, or a Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam & Allama Iqbal , why don`t we realize the the qoute “Pakistan ka matlab kia , LLAA-E-LAA HAA-IL-LAL LAA”. Then Please dont forget our history too… dont forget we belong form Hazart Khalid BIn Waleed`s family , from Muhammad Bin Qasim , form Shlahudin Ayubi , and a long list ….

    more obver , how much Quaid-e-Azam invested to get Pakistan. how much Allama Iqbal invested in terms of money…. its just your will. your power and your character`s power …

    and One thing more… PTI and Imran khan won`t ever change Pakistan…. yes But Imran Khan is a good personality to learn form… its me , You and we all , who will change ourself and eventually will Pakistan..

    may ALLAH ji bless us and guide us Hidaya`t & Sirat-e-Mustakeem(ameen)



  10. W.S
    First of all, Thank you so much for contributing here. I really appreciate your interest. Its execellent. I am pleased that you have really strong knowledge and you can analyze the situation in very young age. Its unique thing. I really appreciate your efforts as Gen. Secy PTI Sialkot. Well, as your comments are concerned, i personally think so, it is still a good idea. Look Shuakat Khanam has above Rs. 1 Billion Budget per annum, it comes from Overseas Donation and local donation. Why PTI do not think that these projects should be Independent instead of relying on Donations. I agree that these Big Social projects can’t run solely on their own fundings. It requires donation, but it should be operated partially. How do you see that PTI will be ruling party even in next two elections. Sir as you are involved in Politics, you can clearly see that Majority of Parliamentarians are corrupt even in PML (N), and also in PTI. I know PTI secy of Gujranwala, he is also involved in Politics because of some Funding stuff and will get some money, shares after PTI get some Govt.

    Ok as you said that you are strongly disagree, I ask you very respectfully, please come up with practical idea, I will really appreciate you, and support you at my end. You know what ? After free judiciary we need new and patriotic people in our parliament, but see can people of Middle class who have talent participate in elections ? Its a hobby of Elite and Industrialists of our country. Look at Cheema ppl of your district, how many industries they owe, and how they are involved in Politics. You are bro to me, but honestly speaking, we need collective efforts in Parliaments. LUMS is teaching Politics for last two decades, have you ever seen a single graduate of LUMS in Parliament ?? Why they have talent but no money, and guards to compete at their level. Sir Money matters, you have to admitt it, but i agree with you that Money is not everything. You can say that Money is a tool to support you to climb on ladder of success.

    I agree with you that Quaid and Iqbal had not strong financial background, but i read that Jinnah got fundings from Businessmen. Look how strong is our parliament is that our (170 Million) people’s decision and fate decided over there without counsulting to Common man ? Why ??

    We should stand up and do some action but with practical vission. We have to work for betterment of 170 Million, because we are fortuante than them, we are priveldged class than them we do not have problem of basic neccesaity of life.

    We can conrtibute through our pen by writing. Look at Civil Soecity and Media which changed the senario of Politics of Pakistan from last decade.

    You are most welcome to come up with idea, which really worth.

    Again thank you Atta, you really got gutts :d


    Salman A. Sheikh

  11. Mr. Khan can bring changes at gross-root level, he has strong leadership qualities.

    To become a Prime Minister is not necessary, but can motivate people against corrupt administration, like Corrupt Zardari, Corrupt Moula Fazul Rehman, Terrorist Altaf Hussain, American Influence in the country etc.

  12. @ Fouji,
    Well, Khan sb should do many things, but we have to realize the truth that an individual can’t do many task at a time.. so we need collective efforts to gain constructive gains..


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