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Tax waiver for people of NWFP demanded until normalcy returns

Islamabad: The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Sunday demanded of the government announce tax waiver for the hard-pressed people of militancy-hit province of NWFP. Militancy, political turmoil and some other factors have distressed all the population of NWFP including manufacturers, traders, growers and retailers etc.

“Federal as well as provincial governments should not only exempt them from taxes until normalcy returns bust also announce bail out packages,” said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President of PEW. Current political developments have also added to the worries of general masses, he said.

Speaking to Chief of Anjuman-e-Tajiran NWFP Haji Afzal, SVP Shaukat Ali Khan, Gen. Secretary Malik Abid hafeez, President Khushal Bazar Malik Farid Awan, President Grain Market Ehsanullah, President Mirch Mandi Dilawar Khan, President Anjuman-e-Kashtakaran and Pakistan Kisan Ittehad Jan Nisar Khalil and other business leaders he said that lives of people is disturbed and business are at the brink.

“Kidnappings for ransom and other crimes have touched new heights with law enforcement taking a back seat,” said Dr. Mughal adding that demanding taxes and securities in such a situation is injustice to the underdeveloped province of NWFP.

At the occasion, Haji Afzal and Jan Nisar said that traders as well as planters should be given protection and should be exempted from all taxes for five years. All the federal, provincial and private banks should be asked to provide interest-free loans to trading community. This will enable them to continue serving the masses, they said.

They said that we are united and ready to sacrifice anything to get their due rights. Haji Afzal said that government has created a problem in the biggest province of Punjab which will hurt whole of the country. Jan Nisar Khalil said that the new schedule of load shedding amounts to stabbing manufacturing and agriculture in the back.-PEW

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