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Govt to find solution for politics of confrontation: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has held out an assurances that the Government would make every effort to find a solution to the problem arising out of the imposition of the Governor’s rule in Punjab. He was speaking in the National Assembly on Saturday on a motion moved by Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Babar Awan regarding situation arising out of Governor’s rule in the province.

The Prime Minister said every wrong has a remedy and the Government find solution to the prevailing crisis as well. He said the Government does not believe in politics of confrontation and instead wants to promote reconciliation to save the system.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the PPP struggled for democracy and it feels more comfortable while sitting in the opposition. He said we should promote democratic traditions and should not indulge in horse-trading.

Giving background of the situation in Punjab, the Prime Minister said he invited the then Chief Minister to Islamabad for a meeting to defuse the tension. He said during the meeting they agreed that the system should go forward and there should be supremacy of the parliament.

He said he talked to Mian Shahbaz Sharif in the spirit of greater reconciliation but he did not know about the court verdict. The Prime Minister said there are differences of opinion and on approaches within parties but once a decision is taken it has to be accepted by all.

He said when the PPP took decision about imposition of Governor’s rule in Punjab the Government was left with no option but to support the decision. Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani said the Governor’s rule has been imposed for a limited period of two months but the Governor is empowered to convene session of the Assembly for ascertainment of the leader of the house at any time even tomorrow.

He said that doors of the Punjab Assembly have been opened and if there was any requisition the session could be convened. The Prime Minister said 1973 constitution was a consensus document and it is our responsibility to safeguard it.

He said the PPP was committed to undo 17th amendment in the Constitution and would support any consensus bill for the purpose. Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani said he has asked the Law Ministry to prepare a bill for winding up of the National Security Council, which is an undemocratic institution.

The Prime Minister said the Government believes in strengthening the parliament and that is the cabinet took the decision to convene session of the National Assembly immediately to discuss the situation triggered by imposition of Governor’s rule in Punjab.

Referring to Swat, the Prime Minister said he has directed the Minister for Law to constitute a committee consisting of all the stakeholders to sort out issues involved. He said the Government is pursuing a policy of dialogue, development and deterrence to deal with the problem of militancy and extremism.

About Nizam-e-Adl regulations in Swat, he said the same regulations were in vogue when the area was ruled by Wali and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto also had agreed to enforce these regulations back in 1994-95. He said we should respect customs and traditions of the local people about quick dispensation of justice. The Prime Minister reminded the opposition that the President is also part of the parliament and he should be given due respect. The house was later adjourned to meet again on Tuesday at four in the afternoon.-SANA

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