Pro-US policies plunge country into crisis: Qazi

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Amir Qazi Hussain Ahmed said that due to Musharraf’s unpopular and pro-American policies the country plunged into deep crisis. In his interview, he said,

“Law and order situation is worse; our army is fighting against our own people. This was in fact a deep-rooted conspiracy of America to create a void between army and the masses”.

He said that under the patronage of NATO forces, India had setup its consulates near Pak-Afghan border. There are no Indian nationals living in these border areas and in fact it is a conspiracy against Pakistan, he added. “Law and order situation is the main reason of economic meltdown in the country. I am sure once the law and order situation is restored in the country, all the problems will be settled” Qazi said.

Regarding war on terror, he said, “UN has so for failed to define this hypothetic idea of “War on Terror”, the member countries are confused as how to explain it and there is absolutely no idea”.

When asked about MMA role regarding 17th amendment, he said, “We had supported the 17th amendment with a view that Musharraf will quit and then we will do away with this amendment through parliament. But later he deceived us….and today, the people, who came to power through a deal, lay blame on us, but why don’t they dispose off the 17th amendment now. Why do they not move a resolution in the parliament?”

To a question, JI Amir said MMA had greatly helped to curb the sectarian violence in the country besides creating a congenial atmosphere based on trust and reconciliation. “We wanted to keep this alliance in tact as it was in the best interest of the country” Qazi said.

Criticizing the current government, he said that there was no change; however, faces have definitely changed. “We have same policies as it were during the Musharraf government; innocent people are ruthlessly being killed in tribal areas and Swat valley” he stated. On Indo-Pak relations, Qazi stated that for a durable peace and prosperity in the entire region settlement of all disputes particularly the resolution of Kashmir dispute is inevitable.-SANA

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