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Prof. Khurshid for clarifying nation feelings on US drone attacks

ISLAMABAD: Jamaat-e-Islami Naib Amir Senator Prof. Khurshid Ahmad has demanded of government to make it clear on the US Envoy Richard Holbrooke what the nation feels about American drone attacks on Pakistan’s territory and insistence on pursuing a strategy to solve political problems by military action that has failed everywhere.

The Parliament, according to Prof. Khurshid, made its position very clear in its unanimous resolution passed on October 22nd, 2008. “It, however, seems that the Government has failed to effectively deliver that message of the Parliament to the American leadership. Neither it is implementing that resolution in letter and spirit”, he stressed.

He said that the situation in FATA and Swat was aggravating every day and the responsibility lies squarely on the government policy and its military operation in the area.

Prof. Khurshid expressed his serious concern over the mischievous statement of the Director General of India’s National Security Guard J.K. Dutt who was trying to bring in Al-Qaeda in relation to the Mumbai mayhem. The US Secretary of State has also pointed towards India’s role not only in Afghanistan but also in the fight against militants in FATA. This is a deliberate attempt to confuse the issue, bracket together Al-Qaeda and alleged militants responsible for Bomb ay incident. Behind all this it is not difficult to see the game India is trying to play in the region and pressurize Pakistan.

Prof. Khurshid demanded the government must come out clearly on the failure of the present US strategy and adopt a policy that is based on Pakistan’s national interest, as has been expressed in the Parliament Resolution. “Political issues have to be resolved politically and dialogue and CBMs — that can pave the way for successful resolution of political problems — are the answer”, he stressed.

“Pakistan nation has paid heavy price and now the policy must be changed to protect Pakistan’s interests and not simply acting on American agenda which is also now serve India’s interest in the region”, he concluded.

While Pakistan Muslim League-Q (PML-Q) leader and MNA Kashmala Tariq on Thursday revealed that the some of the political leaders asked US Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrook to continue US drone attacks. Expressing her views during the meeting of National Assembly standing Committee on Finance, she said that half of the politicians asked him to stop the drone attacks on the occasion of dinner party hosted by US embassy in Islamabad in honor of Holbrook. On this, Holbrook told the politicians that they made him confused regarding the issue of the drone attacks as they were themselves not united on the issue. -SANA

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