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Drones attacks killing innocents in FATA

WAZIRISTAN: Violating air space of Pakistan US Spy Planes hovered over various areas of South and North Waziristan on Wednesday. The US drones had low flight over Wana and various villages of North Waziristan including Miran Shah, Mir Ali and Razmuk which caused great panic in the area. Whereas an armed man killed a person in Miran Shah by opening fire on him.

While US former Attorney General and human rights activists Ramsey Clark said that the drone attacks were killing the innocent civilians in the FATA. In an interviewing, he declared that US drone attacks inside Pakistani territory were unjustified and a clear violation of international law. Talking about US President Barrack Obama, he said that he knew Muslims and he pleaded suits of Z.A Bhutto and Iraqi President Saddam Hussain and termed their hanging as judicial murder.-SANA

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