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Bijarani for curriculum wing to complete task in six months

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Education, Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, has directed the Curriculum Wing of the Ministry of Education to complete the process of curriculum development in next six months positively. He was briefed here on Wednesday about the development of new curriculum and printing of Textbooks by the Curriculum Wing of the Ministry.

The Minister directed the concerned officials of the Ministry to speed up the process of curriculum development so as the new curriculum may positively be introduced by academic session 2010. The Minister was apprised that out of 82 subjects the curriculum for 25 subjects has been sent to the provinces for their suggestions. Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani said that every possible effort be experienced educationist.

He directed the Curriculum Wing to devise the Curriculum of History and Culture with an impartial view where as the curriculum of Science and Technical subjects be updated according to the latest technologies prevalent in the modern world. The Minister was also apprised that Ministry of Education initiated a scheme of studies in 2006 in the wake of a Cabinet decision.

The Minister was told that Ministry of Education has restarted this scheme of studies with a number of Initiatives. The New Scheme of Studies 2009 promises computer education from class 9 onwards both the Arts and Science students. Previously only Science students could opt for computer education.

The Scheme of Studies has a provision of teaching of science subjects in English language only from the year 2009. Similarly a new subject of General Knowledge comprising, Islamiat, Science and common knowledge has been introduced from class one.

The Scheme of Studies 2009 has another clause under which a new subject with the name of introduction to technology will be introduced at Matric level with the basic purpose of giving early knowledge to the students who aspire to opt different course in the field of techno logy after Matric.

The new Scheme of Studies also proposes introduction of early childhood education for 1-3 years old students where no formal books and syllabus will be introduced rather the teachers will be given special training who will teach the young learners.-SANA

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  1. Dear Noreen

    I am a sophomore undergraduate student at Tufts
    double majoring in International Relations (Developmental Economics)
    and Political Science. I really wish to conduct
    research on the public education system in Lahore this August. However, given my Indian citizenship (I am a resident of New Delhi, but I study in Boston), I realize there are logistical difficulties
    that I will face in my effort. Heh.

    I was intrigued by this news report. I am currently reading the 2002 SDPI report on the education curriculum in Pakistan (http://www.sdpi.org/whats_new/reporton/State%20of%20Curr&TextBooks.pdf) – and the authors of that report do seem to identify the Curriculum Wing as an institution, at the core of the problem.

    So I was curious to know, how you feel about how genuine these reforms are given that they are being implemented by the same institution that others perceive as the source of the problem?

    Warm Regards
    Dwijo Goswami

  2. teaching of science subjects in english from primary level is totally against our national interest.It will be proved a suicide attack on our educational system. Our national language is urdu , so our whole eaducational polices should be surrounded about our national language like every free and progressed country. We should avoid biased and foreighn aided education policy .

  3. Hi
    i have come to know the computer subject will be teach as major subject from secondary to onward thats a great initiative taken by ministry of edu pakistan, because today is the era of information technology we have to produce IT Skills to young students from beginning to produce IT Specialist in every of life.

    Kamlesh Kumar
    MS(CS)@ Govt:QaziHabibullah High School


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