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Strong democracy; rule of law key to stabilize Pakistan: Ahsan

BURLIN: Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal on Tuesday said that strong democracy and rule of law hold key to stabilize Pakistani society. Addressing the seminar “Pakistan – One Year After The Parliamentary Elections” organized by leading economic think tank WZB here, he said that extremism and militancy are bi-products of military regimes, which tried to crush moderate mainstream parties in order to perpetuate their rule but by doing so created void that was filled by extremist groups.

Talking about the challenges which the democratic government needed to address on priority basis, Ahsan said, “The first challenge is restoration Pre-Nov 3rd judiciary similarly, the second challenge is the eligibility case of PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif, who is under trial in hands of Musharraf’s hand picked judges and Thirdly, to acknowledge the mandate of PMLN in the Punjab”

He said that the government should make serious effort to repeal constitutional amendment introduced by former president Musharraf to take away the powers of the Parliament and the Prime Minister and implement Charter of Democracy to ensure transparent appointments of judges and other constitutional offices”.

Ahsan said, “Pakistan has suffered heavily due to wrong policies of Bush administration in Afghanistan and Musharraf in Pakistan. There is a need to take stock of the situation with broad based ownership of all stake holders to tackle the situation. Bringing peace to the region requires a new policy primarily focused on political and economic option”. “The drone attacks are further complicating the situation by antagonizing the local population and creating a strong backlash in public opinion”, he added.

He said that Pakistan sought good relations with India but Indian response after Mumbai attacks was not helpful in promoting peace process. “Pakistan is committed to policy of non-proliferation and has an effective command and control structure in place”, he stated.-SANA

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