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Overseas Pakistanis to given seats in Senate, NA: Sattar

Federal Minister for overseas Pakistanis Dr. Farooq Sattar on Tuesday said that Overseas Pakistanis would be given seats in the Parliament and the Senate. Addressing High Profile Pakistan International Council seminar organized by Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large, Mr. Javed Malik, held here, he said, “We agreed to prepare a piece of legislation which would create a few seats for overseas Pakistanis to our national assembly, to our senate and to our provincial legislature”.

“This exists in some of the most modern countries of the world like China, Germany and Italy, where overseas citizens have representation back home in their own parliaments”, he added. Appreciating the idea of formation of Pakistan International Council to play a key role in uniting the overseas Pakistani community, he said that the overseas Pakistanis would be given a status of a VIP when coming back home.

He said he was already working on ensuring that they were also given a right to vote in Parliament. Speaking on the occasion, Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad appreciated the efforts of Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large, Javed Malik and assured him of the full support of the government.

He called on the overseas based Pakistanis are an asset for Pakistan and the government will do all that it can to ensure that they are supported in every way. speaking on the occasion, Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large, Javed Malik appreciated the role being played by overseas Pakistanis and said that the government was working on a series of initiatives to recognize their contributions not only to support Pakistan but also in highlighting the positive image of the country.

He also paid rich tributes to Friends of Pakistan, and said ”in addition to the overseas Pakistanis, we will also recognize and appreciate the support of Friends of Pakistan, these are people who may not be Pakistani by nationality but have a great interest with Pakistan”.

“We appreciate the support of our friends. We will demonstrate this appreciation through Prime Minister’s Global Pakistani Awards which have been launched on directives of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to honour, recognize and appreciate the role of overseas Pakistanis and Friends of Pakistan annually”, he added.

Deputy Speaker of National Assembly, Faisal Karim Kundi, other Federal Ministers and Mayor of Karachi, and distinguished Middle East based Pakistanis, a large number of Arab personalities including members of the Royal family and leading businessmen were present on the occasion. -SANA

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  • The Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis has changed five members of the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Board for the reason of their inattention, non attending the Board Meetings and their being associated with the political parties. The most of those expelled were residents abroad. It is not merely the OPF Board, we have residents abroad in our Parliament most of whom have big businesses abroad which they do not find fit to shift to Pakistan in which parliament they sit. Like OPF Board, there are also residents abroad Members of Overseas Pakistanis Advisory Council most of whom too are inattentive and non functional. From Bahrain a foreign nationality holding Pakistani born is presently Member in this Council. The Mandate of these Members is to help the Pakistanis working in their area. This Member was picked-up by the Pakistan Embassy. Every one knows in foreign postings what type of merit today is applied. A few years ago two sons of a Secretary level officer were sick the treatment of which was available only in UK. In order that he may get free medical treatment he was posted in Pakistan High Commission in UK and two sick sons were the only merit of him. When such people are posted abroad on such merits, they when needed select people on the similar merit. The only merit of this Member from Bahrain is that like businessmen community he is always a strong yes man. Since his selection one and half year ago, he has never been seen in any community gatherings like 23 March flag hosting, Eid party, 14 August programmes in the community Pakistan Club. On his selection he stated in the press that every Sunday from 01 pm to 02 pm he will sit in Pakistan Embassy to hear people complaints. For the last one year he has not even once sat because three weeks a month he remains out of Bahrain. Dr. Farooq Sattar the Minister for Pakistanis working abroad can get this fact privately verified through any of his party worker working in Bahrain. The Minister may for his interest enquire from the O.P.F as to how many communications/phones monthly the previous Member of the Council then selected by the community through Pakistan Club used to raise with OPF pertaining to Pakistanis problems. Dr. Farooq Sattar is requested to first get the above verified through his own private independent source (not through Embassy) and replace the Member with some community service feelings and does not feel bad smell sitting with the labour.

  • I am pleased and hopeful that Overseas Pakistanis have got a dedicated, capable and honest Misister . Dr Farooq Sattar will Inshaallah, provide the respect and dignity to Overseas Pakistanis when visiting Pakistan and this will encourage more and more Overseas Pakistanis become remittance cards holders. I had 3 gold remittance cards and they all expired uselessly. System needs to be changed. This is my request to Rt. Hon Dr Farooq Sattar
    Syed Iqtadar MBIM London