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Sunday, July 25, 2021

India did not allow the entry of US film maker into IHK

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SRINAGAR: The Indian government has asked an American filmmaker, Udi Aloni’s not to visit occupied Kashmir again. The dictum comes after Aloni showed a documentary about the non-violent resistance movement in occupied Kashmir. The film was shown at the Berlin Film Festival.

“Indian authorities have taken umbrage at Kashmir: Journey to Freedom and are denying visa to me,” Aloni, said after the film was premiered in Panorama section, which showcases independent and art house cinema.

“Please let me return to India. I really miss my friends from Kashmir, and I really love to be in India,” he said while defending his documentary and insisting he had done India a good service by making it.

Aloni said he had gone to Kashmir without really knowing what he was going to see, and that his film was less a documentary and more of an action movie of a different sort.
“I have always believed in non-violence,” he added.

Aloni’s movie shows how a new generation of young Kashmiri Muslims, after years of armed resistance, decided to lay down the arms and start a nonviolent resistance movement – with the hope of finally achieving peace and independence.-SANA

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  1. Besides wanting to see this movie, I wish for ten thousand film makers and writers to go now to Kashmir. And I wish I were one of them.

  2. Its a controversial topic …but in this movie it is shown non-violence resistance…i want to ask resistance against whom?….in one hand movie says Mahatma Gandhi’s principle and his comments on the other hand it creates a tension in normal Indian minds!…

    Kashmir, once described by Mahatma Gandhi as “a pillar of light in a subcontinent lost in darkness,” had become “a land of terror and despair, its people suffering under the strain of constant violence and human rights violations….according to a Press Conference!

    Whatever be the case…every one has its one right to say…no one should be denied a visa unless a terrorism stamp is there!!!!…..

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