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Plebiscite in Kashmir urged


JEDDAH: Speakers at a symposium in Saudi Arabia have called for a plebiscite in Kashmir as per relevant UN resolutions to resolve the longstanding issue once and for all. The symposium was organized by the Pakistani Repatriation Council.

Dr. Mohammad Faisal, head of chancery at the Pakistani Consulate, said 60 years is not a long period in a nation’s history. “The Kashmir issue is still alive and we need to adhere to our faith, not to lose patience and be consistent in our support to the Kashmiri cause and we believe in Allah that this issue will be resolved soon,” he said.

Naseem-e-Sahar, noted poet and journalist, who was the chief guest, also pleaded for a plebiscite in Kashmir and said that this is the only way to resolve the lingering issue.

Sameera Aziz, Pakistani-born Saudi writer and journalist, in her message as an honorary guest, said issues like Palestine, Kashmir and stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh required the attention of the whole world. “Continued injustices will result in harsh reactions which could destabilize humanity,” she said.

Pakistan and India, she said, should work together to look for a peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue in accordance with the wishes of people.

Syed Riaz Hussain Bukhari, President Pakistan Peoples Community, said there was an urgent need to develop strategic planning to solve the issue of Kashmir and to give it due priority.

Mohammad Jamil Rathore, General Secretary Pakistan Journalists Forum, said the Kashmir issue may not be resolved just by extending an olive branch to India, rather pressure needs to be applied in order to bring it to the negotiation table.

Rauf Tahir, renowned journalist and editor Urdu Magazine, said that according to the two-nation theory, Kashmir was a Muslim region which was in part legitimately annexed to Pakistan. Tariq Mahmood presented his write-up on the topic and expressed the need to secure the support of Muslim countries to resolve the issue.

Ehsanul Haque, PRC coordinator, said peace will not be possible in Asia without resolving the issue of Kashmir. He urged India and Pakistan to take measures to solve the Kashmir issue. He also stressed the need for an early resolution of the issue of stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh.-SANA



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