ANP not fulfilling promises: Hoti

MARDAN: Federal minister Khawaja Muhammad Khan Hoti, whose resignation is not accepted yet, on Monday said that he had no difference with Awami National Party (ANP) but it was made hostage by one family which was unacceptable. Addressing a press conference here, ANP leader said that he resigned as the federal minister because his party was not fulfilling the promises made with the masses; however, he vowed that he would never compromise on principles only for personal advantages.

He said that Bacha Khan, the founder of ANP, always gave the lesson of peace and he was the follower of Bacha Khan’s philosophy. He said, “I scarified federal ministry for my own people as some times one has to take difficult decisions in politics”.

He made it clear that he did not resign from party membership and he would continue his struggle within the party. Hoti said that he was bound to follow the party disciple on the floor of National Assembly and he would cast his vote in senate election as per the party decision. Expressing his concern on the law and order situation in Mardan and the police firing on his activist on the eve of his Mardan arrival, Hoti condemned it and said that such tactics would have no use.

On a query, he said that he could play his role for the betterment of Swat situation, if the federal governments gave him mandate in this regard. On another question, he said that he would resign as MNA if the Chief Minister Sardar Ameer Header Hoti and MPA Ahmed Bahader resign as NWFP MPA.-SANA


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