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Workers are to be get share in public entities


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Privatization Syed Naveed Qamar has said the government is pursuing a policy to ensure twelve and a half percent share for the workers of the public entities to be privatized in future. In an interview in Islamabad today he said granting share to the workers is a world concept and Pakistan is also to implement this concept so that they realize that they are the part of the management.

He said this concept will also help to develop cordial relations between workers and management resulting in better production. To a question, the Minister said that national economy is improving as compared to last year. He said the present government has taken prudent measures to correct the economy which was affected by the global economic recession.

Answering a question, Syed Naveed Qamar said that the Friends of Pakistan Forum understands Pakistan’s point of view and the members of that forum are supporting our policies. Replying a question regarding forthcoming Senate elections, the Minister said seat adjustments are the normal process of elections and every Party tries to maximize its position. He said keeping in view the strength of PPP in all the provincial assembly there would be a visible change in the Upper House. To yet another question, he expressed the hope that political parties will reach a consensus on some basic points to repeal the 17th amendment.-SANA



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