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Madaris taken onboard about reforms

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ISLAMABAD: Minister for Religious Affairs Hamid Saeed Kazmi has said that the present government has taken on board the madaris to streamline their education system that meets the contemporary day requirements.

In an interview, the federal minister pointed out the huge network of madaris in the country is providing free boarding and lodging to the poor students. He said the government desires that these madaris offer education not only in religious but also the present day subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and Computer Science.

This, he said, will open new vistas of opportunities for Madrassa students to choose profession in diverse fields and contribute in the national economy. He said the government is cognizant of the limited resources of the madaris and is ready to extend financial assistance to help them introduce modern day education in their institutes.

He, however, clarified that such assistance should not imply that the government wants to interfere or monitor the affairs of the religious schools. To a question, Hamid Saeed Kazmi said talks are being held with the madrassa officials to remove their reservations on various matters.

Responding to a question about Hajj arrangements, the minister said the new Hajj policy to be announced in May after cabinet approval would envisage various relief measures for the pilgrims.

He said talks would be held with the airlines operating Hajj flights to persuade them cut their Hajj fares, adding every possible effort would be made to reduce this year’s Hajj expenses. Hamid Saeed Kazmi said the government has also requested the Saudi Authorities to increase Pakistan’s Haj quota and a meeting is scheduled with them next month to discuss the matter.-SANA

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  1. it is good to take reform steps for Madaris, but the strategy should be clear and discrimination free.
    previous governments have also taken initiatives but desired fruits could not be seen

    hope this Gov will do best efforts to facilitate Madaris but with out interfering in the operational systems of Madaris.

  2. “Madaris taken onboard about reforms”. Calling Madrassas as Madaris (i.e. the one who shows monkey play) is a good attempt of ridiculing the people who serve Islam. I think you people deserve what you are getting.

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