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Govt to take all steps to improve Swat situation: PM

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that the government would take all necessary steps for ensuring improvement in the security situation in Swat, and for providing relief to all IDPs in NWFP and Balochistan on an urgent basis. The Prime Minister said this while discussing the issue with Chief Minister, NWFP, Mr. Ameer Haider Khan Hoti and Chief Minister, Balochistan, Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raeesani who called on him at the PM’s House on Wednesday.

The meeting discussed the Swat situation comprehensively. The Prime Minister said the government is focused on restoring peace to the area through its Three-D policy. He asked the NWFP government for providing full security to the international development agencies working in the area.

The Prime Minister also directed the National Disaster Management Authority to immediately cater for the needs of the IDPs, particularly during the winter. Prime Minister was briefed on various public welfare projects under way in NWFP and Balochistan as well as the overall security situation in the provinces. Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Ms. Sherry Rehman and Minister of State for EAD, Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar also attended the meeting.-SANA

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  1. It is Tuesday of March 24, 2009. I am sitting in my Swabi office doing nothing. Through office window I am looking outside. Birds are chirping and sky is fully enveloped by clouds. People are coming and going for office related matters. I have orders subordinates to pretext that I am busy in meeting. Rain starts, birds flew away. I am still watching outside and enjoying pleasant weather, temperature, rain and spring greenery. All facilities and perks are available to me. Then why I am so sad. I started to find out the reason. Rain?…… No .No. It is very ecstatic. Office work? ——No. I am doing nothing. Everything is doing my subordinates. I am fit. My family is happy. Swat peace accord is singed. Iftikhar chaudhry is restored. Economy is grooming then what? What is exasperating me.
    A bell rang on my phone. It was my chum from Swat. I heard his voice after three months. After informal talks we started discussion on Swat situation.
    I wept. He consoled but I wept from heart with huge noise. I had not wept for last four months. We discussed all that in my mind and heart.
    Yah! The reason of my sadness was swat Situation. It should had not happened with Swat which we saw there. I am 37 years old and have not yet taken any weapon in my hands. Now every child of Swat knows Klashonkov, martor guns rocket launchers and G3 etc.
    Who will brain wash that nightmare? My valley was famous for peace and beauty. Who will bring it back to it? Who will stop miscreant to attack Malakand Uiversity? Who will convince tourist to go there? And go on………. Does this foreign aid can do that what is to be done.
    Oh God! Oh God….what it happened to my valley.

    Farooq Khan


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