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Can Swati girls get education someday?

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‘’Women enjoy an equal right to education. Education is obligatory on both Muslim men and women, even if they have to go to China to seek it,’’

the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Number of schools and other government buildings have been torched over the past two years, in Swat, Bajaur and Mohmand, restive parts of Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) as the Taliban want to impose a radical Islam and challenge the authority of the government. What Islam would they be looking for to impose if the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has said that women have equal right to have education. Taliban are making Islam seem creepy and religion in general seem irrational and violent that is so untrue.

There were 566 girl schools — 489 primary, 51 middle, 22 high schools and four higher secondary schools but Moreover, some 40 schools have been occupied by the army in Swat and 150 schools have been burnt depriving 74,000 female students of their education for the past one-year. On January 19, 2009 morning Five schools were bombarded in Swat Valley; attacks came hours after Information Minister Sherry Rehman vowed to reopen all schools in Swat by the end of the school holidays in March.

It is evident that the aim of destroying Government run schools is to pressurize the government and replace the education system. Saturday, August 16, 2008 The News quotes Swat Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan:

“At present, we are using the torching and bombing of schools as a war tactic against the government. Also, this education system has been producing corrupt people and needs to be reformed. Musharraf and Zardari are the production of this education system, but what they made of this country. The doctors produced by this system are also fleecing the people”

Even Parents of the girls who have been stopped from going to schools have been warned against sending their daughters to “un-Islamic” schools. These Tlaibans are of the point that these girls should be given religious education rather to be a part of this un-Islamic system of education. Further more these schools for them are the symbols of Government Authority. It is believed that these premises either destroyed or occupied will be converted into Madrassahs.

Whole world calls education as a guarantee to progress; Talibans are stopping girls from going to schools.
Taliban’s conservative and extremist ideology is promoting violence only- violence against violence. The military launched an operation in November 2007 against these Taliban but the Taliban have gained strength since. They seek to have uneducated society Because they know educated female segment will ultimately undermine their control on them. Educated women are less pliable.

On Jan. 20, Pakistan’s National Assembly in Islamabad passed a resolution that condemned the “ban” imposed by militants on girls’ education and destruction of schools in Swat. On international levels condemnation has been recorded. Despite the fact all efforts have gone to ashes. Because there is no adequate security provided to the girls schools; If situation is too much vulnerable that it has become too easy for Talibans to destroy government run schools; Government should pay more attention to protect its people. Furthermore in Islam there is no restriction in Islam for giving education to females.
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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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