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PIMA witnesses phosphorus bombing on Gaza


ISLAMABAD: Israeli forces used phosphorus bombs for massive killings of innocent Palestinians, says Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) delegation on its return from Gaza. Addressing a press conference here Friday, Dr. Iqbal along with Dr. Saeed Akhtar said that the humanitarian organizations including O.I.C were found no where in Gaza for relief activities. Israeli forces massively used phosphorus bombs on innocent Palestinians which have killed number of people and destroyed animal farms, green houses and hospitals.

While speaking on the occasion one of the delegate Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Khan has said that there were only three hospitals in Gaza in which there was a shortage of necessary medicines, equipments and of specialist doctors as well.

He said that Israelis had also completely destroyed Al-Qudus hospital which is one of the major hospitals in Gaza. He said, during our visit to Palestine we met number of injured people who were in need of specialist doctors for treatment. He urged Muslim countries that along with other relief activities send maximum number of specialists to show solidarity with Palestinian brothers.

Dr. Iqbal has said that it was very difficult to enter Gaza with Pakistani passport. Professional doctors should contact any organization working there to contribute in this noble cause, he added. He said war had also left number of orphans and PIMA was sponsoring 20 orphans for one year. He said that it was a humanitarian problem not political therefore media should have to play its role to spread this message all over the world.

While speaking on the occasion another member of the delegation Dr. Saeed Akhtar has said that use of phosphorus and other chemicals was a serious war crime. He said “these chemicals destroys blood clotting system in human body and affects Heart, Kidneys and other important body parts”. He said, Pima’s delegation worked in different hospitals of Gaza and had performed surgeries in difficult circumstances. He informed that next team of PIMA is at Gaza border.

President Pakistan Islamic medical association, Dr. Abdul Aziz has said that” We are planning for sending more highly specialized doctors and in continuous contact with Arab Medical Union, with whom we are collaborating. He said, “We are also in contact with Shifa hospital Gaza and would send more funds for medicines and surgical relief.

President PIMA appealed to all humanitarian individuals and organizations to cooperate in creating awareness about the problems which Palestinians were facing and show solidarity to contribute their share in this noble cause.-SANA



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