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Apathy towards Swat shows national callousness: BBC

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ISLAMABAD: Some in Pakistan are raising questions as to why processions are being taken out to support the Palestinians, and appeals are being made for financial assistance to the victims of Gaza, when no big demonstration was even held for ongoing bloodshed in Swat and no significant relief activity is being seen to help displaced people, reports the BBC.

Quoting local people the BBC added that everybody is speaking for restoring of the judges and abolishing of the 17th Amendment, but why are they not been able to feel the heat of the firestorm that has gripped a part of the country? According to people, it is a national callousness. But the fact is that, this callous attitude on part of the nation is not a new thing in Pakistan.

Recall the past in your mind when 56 per cent population of the country was receiving blows on the political and military fronts, millions of people in the West Pakistan had overprotected saying they had nothing to do with this hooliganism. Later, when the military operation had been continuing in Blochistan in the name of democracy and defending the federation for four years, how many nationalist and religious people from Bajaur to Tharparkar set up the relief camps realizing, that it is not a way of strengthen the federation, and that being powerful does not mean to treat the weak humanly?

Similarly, when Sindh was victimized for restoration of democracy in 1983, how many people from Quetta to Gawadar, Landi Kotal to Dera Ismail Khan and Okara to Sadiqabad staged sit-in to support these Sindhis?

And when some 150 corpses were found in Karachi daily in 1990s, why there was a silence in the people from Thata to Kashmor, Sibbi to Dalbandine, Rajanpur to Murree and Bajaur to Kohat? How many people besieged their leader demanding that let’s save Karachi because it is the mini-Pakistan?

Or when some one million peasants were protesting and resisting forced eviction from their lands some eight years ago in Musharaf’s regime, how many political or social dignitaries realized this issue in Multan and Lahore?

Let’s leave it and think if people of Pakistan and their representatives ever raised voice collectively expect in September 1965 and 2005 earthquake. The world is facing wrath due to silence of millions of people and not because of handful of harsh people, said the BBC report.

According to other news Local people in Swat are feeling insecure as the militants and security personnel are continuing their activities in the restive district civilians are falling victims to such violence. The militants have blown up one more school in Swat and killed two innocent citizens and there is no let up in violence in Swat.

Member of National Assembly Marvi Memon of PML (Q) said that the people are fighting in Swat against all odds. She said, “So far I have observed in Swat the Taliban are criminals working without any ideology. And we are condemning their activitivies especially burning and destroying schools for girls. We want the government to implement the writ of the state soon”.

The districts Bar President Aftab Alam says, “The situation has getting worse day by day. Although, the security forces had launched an operation in the restive valley of Swat a year ago, normally remain illusive so far”. Meanwhile, the militants blew up another school in Mingora and attacked police station at Kabal injuring one constable. So far around two seventy eight schools have been destroyed or partially damaged by militants depriving of education sixty thousands’ school going girls. -SANA

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  1. SOS – to the Lawyers Fraternity
    Apathy towards Swat Lawyers is not less agonizing than the atrocities of Taliban!!!

    I am member of District Bar association Swat and was elected as President of the Bar for the year 2009. I had also been elected as General Secretary of the Bar in the year 2002.
    I myself and my fraternity comprising of 360 members of District Bar Association Swat having already been declared as infidels through their ‘Voice of Taliban’ – FM Radio operating in Swat, because of our profession as Lawyers – because of our believing Islam of Almighty Allah instead of Mullah Fazlullah – and because of our believing Shariah of Prophet Mohammad PBUH instead of Sufi Mohammad. Three lawyers; Mohammad Hussain Advocate, Ghani Akbar Advocate and A Jamil Advocate have been murdered brutally by the TTP. Some of us have been kidnapped for ransom or torture. Very appalling to disclose that virtually killing, kidnapping maltreating and humiliating of those Muslims who do not believe like them (viz Taliban) are considered acts of pity by them!!!
    I have given a number of interviews wherein I tried to alert my fraternity, my country and my world of the global carnage at the hands of them. I have also authored a number of pieces viz ‘Allah or Mullah’ – ‘Islam, Synagogue and Temple’ – and Taliban Empire etc – which have been published in a number of world-class Dailies, Magazines and Blogs. But as always happens one does not pay heed until one gets confronted with such a situation in person.
    Attempt of killing has been made twice on me personally; first time only because I used to wear lawyers international dress; pants-shirts along with black coat. Second attack was carried out this 5th may of 2009, wherein I escaped narrowly. However, my briefcase, laptop, which was placed inside were smashed both. Death was only three inches away.
    Anyhow along with 2.3 million peoples of Swat we the 360 Lawyers have also been forced to leave Swat and as such all of us are now known as IDPs; internally displaced persons, the ever big figure!
    Pak Armed Forces are fighting against them on their own front but we the Lawyers are having a very vital role and we have been playing that – and hence we were declared first Taghoot (viz antagonistic towards Islam) and then infidels by ‘them’.
    Most of our property, like residences, vehicles, chambers, offices, libraries, books, barrooms and what were placed inside had either been destroyed or forced us to abandon all that.
    Nevertheless, sorry to say that Pakistan Lawyers Fraternity has not moved thus far as should have been. Rather to say that Pakistan Lawyers Fraternity is avoiding us instead of providing us even moral support, which is very stunning and alarming. So far the Swat Lawyers Fraternity is concerned it was second to none during the Pakistan Lawyers Movement for believing the task part of their faith!!!
    So what is the message? To rescue the Swat and the world at large from the dangerous species; Taliban, the world must rescue the Endangered Species; the Swat Lawyers. I as president have launched on behalf of District Bar Association Swat a Bank Account No: 1307-1 (current account) in National Bank of Pakistan, main Branch Saidu Sharif, Swat, presently shifted to and functioning at bank road Mardan, NWFP, Pakistan. Cash donations can be made through DD, TT, MT, Cross-Checks.

    Aftab Alam Advocate (High Court)
    President District Bar Association Swat
    Cell: 0301-8536776


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