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Use your IPhone as a Phone

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This article gives a brief introduction on how to use your IPhone as a phone.

The IPhone like all other phones provides an option to make a call, receive it and even make conference calls.
Here is how these things are done

Make a Call
1. In the home screen of your IPhone, press the Phone Icon, this should enable the Phone mode.
2. You can make a call by simply tapping options like contacts, favorites, recent or from the keypad.

Making a Call via Contacts
1. Tap contacts inside the Phone application.
2. Scroll through the list of contacts.
3. Tap the name of the person you intend to call.

Making a Call via Favorites
1. Go the Favorites option from your Phone application.
2. Make a call similar to the one mentioned earlier.
3. In order to add someone to your Favorites, you can go to the contacts again, from where you can easily add your Favorites.

Making a Call via Recents
1. The recents option gives a list of all the calls made, received and missed recently.
2. So a user can simply select from these and go ahead with making a call.

Making a Call via Keypad
1. In order to make a call from the KeyPad, simply go to the KeyPad option from the Phone application.
2. The keypad is similar to the ones which is present physically in other phones. Go ahead and make your call.

Visual Voice Mail
1. The red mark on the Visual Voice Mail option shows that there are pending messages to be read.
2. On selecting that, you are presented with the list of voice mails.
3. The user can select any one of them, which he wishes to hear.
4. The blue mark next to the voice mail message, means that its unheard yet.

Answering a Call
Here is how you answer the call in various scenarios
1. Just Tap answer when your IPhone is unlocked.
2 If locked, the drag the slider to the right and then answer.
3. In case you were wearing your headset, the click on the microphone button.

Rejecting a Call

Here is how you reject a call in various scenarios
1. Tap decline if your IPhone is unlocked.
2 Press Sleep/wake button rapidly twice, in case your IPhone is unlocked.
3. Hold microphone button couple of seconds, in case you are wearing your headsets.

While On Call
While on call you can perform the following tasks.
1. You can Mute the Call so that the other person cannot hear what you are saying.
2. You can go to the KeyPad option and dial another call.
3. You can enable the speaker mode.
4. You can hold a call.
5. You can go to your Contacts and view them.
6. You can always End a Call.

How to Merge Calls
1 When someone calls you, while you are on another call, you are provided with an option to merge calls.
2. Simply tap that and you are done.

How to make Conference Calls
1. Make a call, like explained before.
2. Place that call on hold.
3. Select add a call and then select Merge call
4. You can add incoming calls to existing conference calls by simply selecting hold call + answer.

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