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Tutorial on Syncronize your IPhone with your PC

This article presents a brief introduction on synchronizing your IPhone with your PC.

First of lets go through as to what exactly is meant by sync.
1. Through sync you can copy items from your computer to your IPhone.
2. You can synchronize your contacts, appointments and events.
3. Whenever your PC and IPhone are connected again, your updated stuff from the computer comes automatically to the IPhone.
4. You can sync stuff like your movies, photos from your computer to your IPhone.

Now lets go through the Sync process :

1. Plug the dock connector on the cable, to the IPhone.
2. The Itunes should be launched automatically, else launch it manually and select IPhones from the the Itunes source list.
3. Give a name to your IPhone next.
4. Decide whether you want ITunes to automatically synchronize your stuff on the IPhone.
5. Next the Summary Tab will display information regarding your IPhone like capacity, name, serial no. and phone no.
6. The Options menu at the bottom can be checked/unchecked depending upon whether you want to perform auto sync or sync only selected items.

Manual SYNC
If you have selected that you want to manually sync your IPhone with your PC/MAC then follow these steps :
1. Next to the Info Tab you will find a summary tab.
2. The Contacts section here, will give you an option to synchronize your Mac/PC address books.
3. Next is the Calendar section, wherein you can sync your calendar entires. This sync can only be performed with calendar programs like the ICal and Microsoft Outlook.
4. Next is the Mail Accounts Sync. This helps sync with applications like Mail and Microsoft Exchange on your Mac and Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express on your PC.
5. Next is the Web Browser Sync : This will sync your bookmarks, with web browsers like Mac (Safari) and PC ( IE and Safari).
6. Next is the Advanced option, wherein you can delete your stuff completely from the IPhone and replace the entire stuff from your PC/MAC.

Music Sync

1. Go to the Music tab next to the Info tab.
2. The music option lets you sync the entire song list or selected playlists.
3. Podcast sync : This again lets you transfer your Podcast from your computer to the IPhone.
4. Video Sync can be carried out in similar fashion.
5. Photos Sync : This sync can be performed with the IPhoto version 4x from MAC and the PC adobe photoshop 2x.


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