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Basic Operations in the IPhone

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This is the second article related to the IPhone and this explains the basic operations which can be performed using the IPhone.

For someone who has just opened the IPhone box, this can act as a guide/tutorial for him.

Turning IPhone on/off.
1. When you want to turn the IPhone on, simplly hold the sleep/wake button
2. Once turned on, the Iphone will display the Apple logo followed by the picture of the earth.
3. You will then get a “Activate IPhone” message along with the “Connect to ITunes” message.
4. If you want to turn off the IPhone, simply hold the sleep/wake button, once a red arrow appears, move it to the right of the screen.

Locking the IPhone.
1. The IPhone provides an inbuilt feature of autolocking, after 1 min.
2 In case you want to manually lock it, then press the sleep/wake button.

Activating the IPhone.

Now this is a something you have to do, once you start your IPhone :
1. You need to be an existing customer of AT&T( in USA), O2(UK), Orange (France). Go ahead with the remaining steps, in case you are.
2. Now Download ITunes, apples jukebox software from www.apple.com/itunes.
3. Once that is done, connect your IPhone to your PC using the dock with the USB Port.
4. When a welcome screen is displayed, press continue.
5. Select whether you are an existing AT&T or corresponding network’s customer.
6. Choose the monthly wireless plan from the AT&T and continue.
7. Enter your apple login, if you have it
8. Enter your Date of Birth and then press continue.
9. Enter your billing address and then press continue.
10. Confirm your information and then press submit.
11. Once all these steps are done successfully your new mobile no. is displayed on the computer screen.
12. If you want you can continue to sync your Iphone with contacts, calendars and email contacts from your computer. This process is explained later on.

The Multi Touch Interface of the IPhone.
The IPhone has 3 types of keyboard layouts for you
1. The alphabetical keyboard (QWERTY)
2. The numeric and punctuation keyboard and
3. It is simply an extension of the 2nd type of keyboard wherein it provides more punctuation and symbols.

The Important Keys on your IPhone keyboard :

1. The Toggle Key : Tapping this key, switches your IPhone from one keyboard layout to the other.
2. The return Key : It moves the cursor on the screen to the next line.
3. Delete Key : It deletes the character to the left of the cursor.
4. Shift Key : Used to toggle between the upper and lower case, if you are using the alphabetical keyboard.

Finger Typing in the Virtual IPhone Keyboard :
1. The IPhone keyboard has intelligence embedded into it, in the form of an IPhone.
2. As you press a key, it gets bigger and thus you can be sure that you are typing the correct the key.
3. Like word processors, the software in IPhone, helps you determine the correct spelling or even the correct word.

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