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Introduction to IPhone


This article gives a brief introduction to one of the most revolutionary devices of the 21st century— The IPHONE.

Now, imagine that you want

1) A wireless phone
2) A 2 megapixel camera
3) A widescreen video IPod
and 4) A small Internet communication device
all embedded into one, your answer is the IPHONE.

IPhone, which I truly believe is one of the best products to come from Apple, has attracted the user with eye catching features like :
1) No physical keyboard or stylus, IPhone has a 3 1/2 inch super high resolution screen to be operated by your finger.
2) Presence of inbuilt sensors. The IPhone has a accelerometer which detects when the device is rotated, thus changing your picture from the portrait to the landscape mode.
3) In built light sensors which adjust the brightness of your screen depending on the ambience.

Now when you first open the IPhone box, you can expect the following things to be present inside, among many others :

1. The IPhone itself.
2. The stereo headset.
3. The Dock and the Dock connector to USB Cable, for charging purpose.
4. The USB Power adapter.

Now lets see the various hardware/software features of the IPhone.
1. Touchscreen : The IPhone has the touchscreen which is to be handled completely by your finger, the touchscreen hosts the IPhone applications, keyboards among many other. It is present on the front of the IPhone.
2. Home Button : Present in front bottom side of the IPhone, the home button can be used to return to the home window at any point of time.
3. Application Buttons : The Iphone provides 16 applications and the application buttons are used to tap into those applications.
4. Sleep/wake Button : The IPhone has the sleep/wake button at the top, which is used to lock, unlock and turn the IPhone off.
5. Receiver : The receiver is present to enable you to hear the other person speaking over the phone.
6. Sim Card Tray : This is present at the top of the IPhone, and as the name suggests, is used to place your SIM card.
7. Headset Jack : The headset jack is used to plug in your IPhone headset. The IPhone headset is similar to the IPod headset, the only additional feature being it comes with a mic.
8. Dock Connectory : As told earlier, the dock connector is used to recharge your IPhone’s battery
9. Microphone : To let the other person over the phone, hear your voice.
10. Ring/Silent : The ring/silent option is present to change the mode of your IPhone from the ringing mode to the silent mod and vice versa.
11. Volume Buttons : Two volume buttons are present ( UP and DOWN) in order to toggle with the volume of the IPhone.
12. Speaker : Present at the bottom of the IPhone, and used to play audio/video stuff.

Now lets take a look at the 16 applications which the IPhone provides you
1. Text : This application lets you send and receive text messages to another cell phone user.
2 Calendar : Displays the calendar and lets you sync your calendar with your computer.
3. Photos : This is a photo manager application which lets your arrange your photos, make a slideshow and email them.
4. Camera : A 2 mega pixel in built camera to take pictures.
5. You tube : Directly connects you to the YouTube website.
6. Map: These are Google Maps and give you street view pictures.
7. Weather : This present the weather forecast, including the current temperature.
8. Clock : Along with displaying the current time, it provides features like the alarm clock, the stop watch and counter.
9 Calculator : Provides facility for simple operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
10. Notes: You can type and save the notes, apart from sending them as well.
11. Settings : You can change your IPhone settings by taping into this IPhone.
12. Phone : A simple and a unique concept, wherein you tap this application enter into the Phone mode and start using your IPhone as a phone.
13. Mail : Send and receive mails through this application.
14. Safari : Apple’s own web browser, to connect to the internet.
15. IPod : Your old video Ipod comes now embedded with the IPhone.



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