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Let’s Not Fool People of Pakistan

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nawaz-zardari Lately former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif vowed that he is capable of bringing the prices of goods equal to the prices 1970s. I was really petrified having bit of knowledge about country’s prevailing economic situation, Gross Domestic Product(GDP), Agricultural production and prices of agro-based inputs like POL products, seeds, urea and related items. Same goes for energy and manufacturing sector.

Claim of Mr. Nawaz Sharif merely reminded me that of Pakistan National Alliance (PNA) when it launched its agitation against Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. When the leadership of PNA realized that it was not possible for it to bring back 1971 level it changed its slogan saying, ”We are protesting for the restoration of Nizame-Mustafa”. The flowery slogans ended with the imposition of General Zia-ul-Haq’s worst Martial Law.

So I feel like advising Mr. Nawaz Sharif that its year 2009 and not 1977. When people are aware of everything and internet and cable are accessible by masses generally. In my view Mr. Nawaz Sharif is unable to bring the prices of even 2007. People of Pakistan are so confused they still don’t understand whats going on in the Govt

Unstable Economy
A higher than two percentage points rise in the inflation rate will push the government further to the wall than it already is on how to handle the raging fire in the economy. Inflation at current level hurts people it creates economic instability and even political disruption, and is therefore a bigger threat than the slow down in the pace of growth. Ran away inflation is an un-announced and painful taxation on people. Indeed most of it is imported and is hurting economies around the world. But our monetary managers must take urgent domestic action to minimize inflation after effects.

The Pakistan is situated in the most illiterate and undeveloped area of Sub-Continent. That’s why we have large number of “Jahils” in our country and those who are illiterate; they are in politics. Unfortunately the education can not change them at all. Most of our Parliament members have Bachelor’s degrees but they are not learned; they don’t have any kind of knowledge that what is actually happening in the world or at least in their own country. The politicians are just interested to enjoy Luxurious life styles. Several people are taking Prime Minister’s protocol. Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Rehman Malik and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.

Corrupt leadership
Masses really don’t understand that why Nawaz Sharif, Zardari and Rehman Malik are enjoying the same protocols as Prime Minister. And there is no one here to object on their un-necessary protocol expenses.

Why in Pakistan we always have corrupt, greedy and Jahil politicians? These type of Politicians can not run the State affairs successfully. As success is like a train. It has several compartments, hard work, Focus, sincerity and Patriotism. And to leading all those is the engine of confidence and our so called leaders don’t have any of these qualities. They can make big promises to all the public to change their world but politicians know it so well that they are liars. Apparently everyone is so busy but output is zero.

If victory is certain then even a coward can fight when his defeat is certain. These days politicians are well engaged in playing politics with people. A promising young man should go in to the politics so that he can go on promising for the rest of his life. I am not cracking jokes I just watch the Govt and facts. Unsuitable people are being elected by citizens; but large number do not vote; thus no change is expected though. In Pakistan politics is art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not diagnosing it incorrectly, and treating it wrongly.

We have confidence in our country but we dont have good leadership to place our confidence in. The flood of money that gushes in to politics today is polluting democracy. Politics is an art of getting votes from the poors and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from others.

Our Government is like an infant. An alimentary canal with a big appetite on one end and no sense of responsibility on the other. The more you read and observe about this politics(in Pakistan) you got to admit that each party is worst than the other in a way. The one that’s out always looks the best or better.

Pakistan is the only Muslim nuclear power but do we really need this? As Pakistan stands alone in the world just because of this un-necessary and useless Nuclear Bomb. The Nuclear bomb can not give security or protection to Pakistan.

War within Pakistan
The blast in Islamabad was very horrible in Ramadan. People are so scared here in Islamabad. People have canceled all Iftar Dinner almost every where. Peoples are so scared because of suicide attacks in Capital. I have talked to few people in Islamabad and they are very upset because of suicide attacks. They think where should we go? As we are not secure in Pakistan. Not every one can afford to move to some other countries like our so called VIPs. Like Altaf Hussain of MQM; he is playing his dirty politics from London why does not he come and stay in Pakistan? while common people have to live and die here. As there is no other option for common persons). The Govt keeps on saying that 2, 3, 6 or 10 suicide bomber have entered in Punjab or other areas of the country if they really know it then why don’t they arrest them? The situation is getting worse day by day. Peoples are not happy or excited on eves of Eid because of these brutal killings.

Zardari said that( The people will have to realize that we are at war). How much our Selfish and Corrupt Politicians will destroy the country? I wish to see Pakistan as Modern, Educated and developed Country. But unfortunately I don’t have any hope left and i cant expect anything from these politicians. As Mr.10 percent is now Mr.100 Percent.

I don’t believe that Mumbai Terrorist attackas and similar acts are made by a simple terrorist, it’s planned and fabricated carefully. The terrorist who planned this attack is called “ CIA” and “FBI” . I think that the USA is the one who plans all of this because they justify their mission in Pakistan. I wonder since when these bomb attacks started? Only after the Americans arrived in Pakistan. Do you think or see any Improvement in future? Terrorist attacks in Mumbai have again brought to light a new class of terror modus operandi that is thriving on technology as important battle armour.

Restoration of Judges
I think to reinstate the judges is not an easy task for Govt now because if they reinstated them then Govt have to pay their previous salaries and all dues as well and then the judges will start given orders to find out missing persons. And chief justice will try to dismiss President from his position which is not acceptable for

government in current situation in other words it will be long PANGA if Govt bring judges back but for how long they can work in this situation???? Well if you see common people they are just worried how to survive because of high prices of almost every thing Life is really difficult for common person increasing of prices, Load shedding , Atta, utility bills etc. So many insecurities Life is just for VIPs. Looking forward for your opinion about these issues

According to one survey the number of donkeys are increasing very fast in Pakistan. And it is near 100000/- per year. The problem is very serious that only the number of donkeys are increasing the rest of the animals for example Cow, Buffalo, Horses, Goat, Camels etc are not increasing their population.

May be it is some kind of planning to increase donkeys in Pakistan so then donkeys will be more than humans in Pakistan and then our Parliament and Assembly will full of donkeys. Well 50% of our Govt is already act like them but if no one notice then it will increase from 50% to 80 or 90% very easily. And then they will do nothing for the country or for the common people just giving kicks to each other. As they already sound like donkey some times. Its sad but true.

The common men in these days feel like donkey as well because they are carrying lots of burden on their shoulders. And worried for Atta, Petrol, Drinking water and Budget. The budget will defiantly not giving any relaxation to common people as the prices of different things have already increased.

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Arzu Kazmihttp://www.pak-times.com
Arzu Kazmi is a young Journalist with a strong background of Journalism. Her Father Syed Salahuddin Aslam was famous journalist; he got a Gold Medal in reward of his services in the field of Journalism from Government of Pakistan in 1988. Arzu takes Journalism as pasion, she loves to write on Current Affairs. She wishes to see Pakistan as an educated, peaceful and standing in queue of developed countries. PEACEFUL COUNTRY.
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  1. respectable Arzu Kazmi
    Whatever you have written in the above writing in non my concern except your wish for better -Pakistan which is my dream also- and coments made on my leader Altaf Hussain.
    for your info Altaf Hussain is playing dirty politics, in fact he got it inheritly from the paki politician, to eleminate the dirtyness from the politics, yes he is introducing people like Syed Mustufa Kamal from footpath to strengh his cleaning drive,
    and He should not come Pakistan because we need him alive we need his guidence and support. if he came Pakistan any 27th December or any other date will be the fate for him and this is not acceptable for us.

  2. The wish of the writer for better Pakistan is the dream of all Pakistanis but unfortunately we do not have such a politician who take out Pakistan from the economic crisis..they just came to power to increase their bank balance.

    I cant see if Pakistan will get political leader such as Z. A. Bhutto, Ayub Khan

    I will never forget the last words of Pervez Musharaff “PAKISTAN KA ALLAH HI HAFIZ.

    Anyway, article very well written – Keep it up Arzu Kazmik

  3. you are admired and appreciated by some people what you have written on the web and for Pakistan Times, why not you join media openly, as an anchor ?

  4. every one must be honest and sincere with her/his own life, with her/his own profession, with friends, and with the person who loves, life is short, people destroying their lives by telling bundles of lies, they are opportunists, hypocrites, they do not want to miss the train in this world of glamour and running for money whatever means may be, will never success in their life, God never assists, helps them, media is above all……

  5. i agree with most things in the article and also want to share my opinions on comments made by ahmad, we all know the political system of Pakistan, it is corrupt (please keep in mind that there are different forms of corruption) and unfortunately we have all forms available here. Altaf hussain did something really bad for the people of khi, we have lost almost 20 yrs of education, development and basic neccesities for no good reasons, but having said that things are getting on the right track with charisma of Mustafa Kamal and his team and i must say that current role of Altaf hussain is by far the best amongst all politicians especially Swat peace deal and extremism in all parts of country.. one should learn from past and make sure nothing bad happen in coming future and this goes for all politicians….

  6. Every thing is looking very ridiculous, every one flirting but they are showing off while inside are their Black….. who s honest and sincere here….


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