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Late Night Snacking

Remain up in nights itself has it health hazardous; and rubbing salt to it is late night snacking. Natural Body Clock and internal system of metabolism works in accordance with the external environment. And when these systems are tried to be run on different standards end up in disasters. Similarly waking and eating late is very unhealthy.

People with kind of jobs where it is incumbent upon them to remain up in nights and those who just have a habit of waking up to watch movies to read books suffer equally. People with this habit are find to be more obese and restless.

Here are few heath hazards observed:

Late night snacking results in obesity, for people just eat whatever is available regardless of the calorie count or the nature of food they are taking. They usually eat Biscuits, iches, Crackers, Chips, Nimko, Dry Fruits, Waffers, Chocolates, Toffees and Candies, sometimes cereals, Tea and coffee, Soft Drinks is must thing, sometimes people have habit of eating a full proper meal that includes bread and cury.

Just imagine how these things are cooked and prepared? and the ingredients they have in them are healthy if taken at appropriate time when they have margin to be consumed but not late night when there are less options to walk or to digest. Result Obese YOU.

Recent researches have proved that late night snacking results in restlessness. Observations and experiment have proved that late night eaters are frustrated due to less sleep. 7-8 hours complete rest is required for restoring energies and getting ready for next day schedule. But late night eating habits can not let one sleep people altogether for several hours; and they remain waking up. This not only cause physical stres but emotional and mental stress too.

Indigestion and Inflammations:
As nature of food and less options to consume the in take of calorie reduces the chances of healthy life the Late night snackers suffer inflammation and indigestion. Sometimes inflammations can lead to other diseases like dypherrea etc effecting not only social lives for sevarl days but continued suffering make people patient of Cancers also.

Less sleep; odd times of eating; and wrong type of food in take; malfunctioning of metabolic system; emotional and physical stress results in immune deficient You. Thus it is very important to realize that it is your health that is important than the eating habits. People do digg their graves with their teeth.

It is advisable not to remain up late nights; cause body demands something to energize it and people keep on providing against the carving. Also When a normal system is disturbed whole body suffers. In fact human body requires a balanced diet. A balance diet refers to organized and healthy eating styles. It s pertinent to mention that every human being’s body work differently and there are examples when people eat more and loose more. But a a common perception that can hardly be detached from eating in abundance and eating on odd times is; it causes obesity. Obesity ultimately leads to Heart diseases, Blood Pressure, Diabetes and several other disease. So better eat healthy and on appropriate timings.

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Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times

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