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Brothers are Allah’s best gift for sisters

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Brothers are the most valuable thing in this world for a sister. I don’t have my own blood brother but there is person who is the best brother in this world for me. He comes from a Brahmin family, a Hindu and I am from a Muslim Family. But still, he is my brother, my dada (Bengali term for elder brother) and I don’t care about the religion. His name is Ambarish Pandey, whom i call Dada affectionately. He is the best person in this world and i see God inside him. He is there for everybody both for known and unknown. I am going to say how much love an elder brother can give to his sister. I think, even if I have got my own elder brother, he could have also failed in giving the amount of love that this person have given me.

Getting married is a great and most enchanting experience for a woman. It’s the stage that informs a girl that now she had became a responsible women and not a child anymore. My name is Huma Chowdhury a simple Muslim God fearing Namaazi girl of 19 years age still in college. I am from Mohammed bazaar a small town in West-Bengal’s Birbhum District. I have recently married to the person I dreamed. That was my dream coming true experience. When i first heard that I will be getting married soon to Dr.Maqbool Hussain, i was very happy. I was waiting for the Nikaah impatiently. But when the day came I realized that I am going to leave my parents, my village and my childhood. I was crying bitterly when the turn came to leave my home to an unknown place. But Maqbool was there. He was the source of encouragement to me. Moreover, my Dada (Bengali word for Elder Brother) Ambarish Pandey was with me. I have no elder brother of my own.Maqbool and Dada they are very close to each other and i also know him since my birth. Dada, holded me in his arm and we came to Maqbool’s house in Islampur, North Dinajpur.

Since my childhood, I grew up like pampered child. Also I am the only issue of my parents. Along with my parents my Dada (Ambarish) pampered me a lot. I was a spoiled child and didn’t even bother to do a single house hold work. I have never entered the kitchen and this was encouraged by Dada. He used to say “Tutu hesel e dhukis na….gayer rong jole jabe” (Eng: Tutu…don’t go to the kitchen otherwise your skin texture will get damaged) and “Kapor chupur kachis na…..hath e haja hobe” (Eng: Don’t wash the clothes or else your hands will be suffered). Following my Dada’s instruction as an obedient sister i never bothered to take a glass of water my self. Oh! By the way my pet name is Tutu.My Ammi used to say me to go and do some household work but it was Dada who pampered me.I remembered the day when Maqbool’s Ammi came to our place to see me. She ordered to cook Hilsa fish, dal, posto and Chutney. When i heard i have to prepare this thing in next morning I became very much worried. I called up Dada and started crying. Dada immediately drived his car to our place from Kolkata. It was about 12 hours of driving.By next morning he came and I hurried to him and started complaining and crying. He holded me in his arms and told not to cry and he will manage every thing in a hush hush manner. He took only one hour of rest. Then he went to market for Fish and other ingredients. He came after one hour. We are left with only one and a half hour time. I was getting worried but he kept on smiling. I was wondering how a person can be so cool in such situation. He was laughing and cracking jokes, puffing cigarettes and singing songs. Then he came to his form. In just 1 hour he cooked four dishes!!!…I was just looking at him and he was cooking like a calm and expert cook. He is not only an expert cook ….but I wonder a person working 16 hours a day how can manage all house hold works like washing clothes, house cleaning, washing utensils and all other works one can imagine.

Maqbool’s mother arrived at about 12 PM and by that time everything was ready. Dada saved me this time also. But there was a little tension that how the food was. In the lunch time when everybody was having the food I got the answer. They became so satisfied that Maqbool’s Ammi immediately fixed our marriage.

It was not the first time he saved me.I was a mischievous kid. I used to break toys, cup dishes and anything I get. Every time this person would come to me and save me from beatings. I remembered the day when we had a school picnic. It was in the jungle. I was just 11 years at that time. My mother was not allowing me for the picnic. I started crying. Dada cannot see tears in my eyes. He managed to get permission and I was very happy. We started around 6AM on that day. We reached the jungle by 8 AM. We started playing here around and I got lost in the jungle. I was crying for help but no body was there. I was sitting under a tree when i saw Dada is coming in his bicycle like a hero to save me. He got me up in his bicycle and rode me to home. Later on that night I asked him how he came to know that I have lost in the jungle? He laughed and told me that “Ami more geleo tui amar chokhe chokhe thakbi”(Even if I die then also you will be under my eyes). From that day I became confident that if a single scratch comes up in my life he is there.

On the marriage day he was very happy and was very busy in the decorations and foods. He was so happy. But i was nervous. I don’t know how I can manage cooking after marriage. On that day he saved me.I am not sure about the future. I called dada. He laughed and told me from this day you are not a child go and face the world. But i was so nervous that i was crying bitterly. Dada was trying to cool me down. Somehow I manage to get settled and marriage got completed uninterruptedly.

After marriage Maqbool and I came to Dada’s house. First three days Dada trained me how to cook rice, dal, rotis, fish, and mutton, chicken everything. I was also a good learner. I learnt quickly. My first dish was mutton curry and Dada was very much satisfied on having the food. I thought that everything is fine. Dada took the food and told me excellent. He was eating the food in a very satisfied way. He tooked the food and left to office. Now I thought better I could taste it. I have just given a bite in mutton…and Yak!!! it was so bad. My god people would vomit if they have. I was crying and thinking how much he loved me…he tooked this bogus in a loving way!!!..Dada ….I Love him.

When he came back he brought some chocolates for me.I was his old habit to bring chocolates for me.I tooked the chocolates and asked if he would like to take the same mutton in dinner. With most happiness he replied yes. I shouted upon him and told him don’t you have a taste bud in your tongue. He laughed and told me to move to kitchen for more training. I got trained for another 5 days.

Now, it was the time of my test. Dada’s Ammi told me to cook food. I again went to dada for help. But this time he said no. I started crying. But he was indifferent. I told him you are dirty and bad dada. He didn’t responded. I shouted and told him I would not go to kitchen at any case. Now dada…throwed the news paper he was reading and came to me and asked wether I will go to the kitchen or not. I replied NO. He just slapped me. I got very much hurted. Dada slapped me….he then told me that “If you are my sister then go and cook the best food…otherwise I will never talk to you.”

I took the challenge gone to kitchen and cooked food that was OK …but not good as Dada…but Ammi liked it. That day i didn’t talk to dada but at night I realized his slap was just good for me. His one slap maked me a good cook. On that night at 2 AM i rushed to dada’s room. I saw he was sitting in darkness. I turned on the light and noticed tears in his eyes. I asked him “Dada…Kadchis keno”(Dada…why are you crying”). He denied that he was crying. But I know why he was crying. He started to say sorry to me …and started to knock his hand. I got his feet and told him Dada forgive me. Your one slap has maked me a good wife and a good person.

I have got no siblings of my own. I am the only child of my parents. But dada didn’t maked me feel so. He loved me more than his own life…always risking his own pleasure for my sake. Just a rakhi and Dada becomes happy. Just a little kiss on his forehead and he is there to sacrifice everything for me.I don’t know why he love me so much…..but i am really lucky to have you dada in my life. I can do anything for your happiness. May ALLAH bless every one with a brother like you…and i just can’t live without you.Dadaaaaaa……..I LOVE YOU.

With Love From your Khuki (Dada Call me Khuki).

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Huma Chowdhuryhttp://www.pak-times.com
Huma Chowdhury is a student and house wife.. She recently got married with a doctor.
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