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Situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan may deteriorate with an inexperienced USA president

barak-obama Islamabad: The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) has said inexperienced Obama may not be able to deliver due to his heavy dependence on controversial advisors. Some advisors of the new US President are hawks and neocons who advocate aggressive policies in foreign relations. Such policies have proved counterproductive but persistence can result in global disappointment.

Moreover, Obama lacks practical experience and training in foreign policy and economic matters, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President, Pakistan Economy Watch while commenting on the oath of 44th US President.. Obama’s leadership will be tested immediately and in many ways. Fresh and comprehensive peace initiatives are needed in the Middle East and South Asia. He will loose popularity if White House continued to extend unconditional support to Israel.

Many observers do not expect to see real change from the incoming Democratic administration. Situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan is set to deteriorate. Onslaughts against Pakistan may rise, as some thirty thousand extra soldiers will hit ground in Afghanistan in the current year. “If Obama continued to focus on military effort in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, he will found himself in the middle of nowhere,” said Dr. Mughal. He is facing many other difficult foreign and domestic issues.

There are powerful Jewish and Indian lobbies who would resist a radical change in some policies that will hurt the goodwill he managed before entering the presidency. Time will tell us he successfully he deals with the spreading global economic slowdown amid historic power transfer, said Dr. Mughal.

His silence over Israel’s aggression has already pushed many to catch up with the reality. Obama is part of the system and has no magic wand. PEW

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