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Cuba condemns Israel’s aggression on Gaza: Ambassador

The Ambassador of Republic of Cuba to Pakistan Gustavo Machin Gomez has said his country condemns Israel’s aggression on Gaza. He said Pakistan and India should resolve all disputes peacefully. Speaking at a brainstorming session jointly organized by Badari-e-Fikr Forum and Pakistan Economy Watch, Mr. Gomez said that Pakistan and Cuba are good friends but unable to become major economic partners due to factor of distance.

He said Pakistan and India should resolve all outstanding disputes peacefully as conflict will not serve any one and push the people of this region into further poverty. He said that the present free market economic model has failed to deliver and the underdeveloped countries need to unite to figure out a new world economic order.

World should not be divided into east and west rather in north and south. There is no such thing as clash of civilizations. Culture and political ideologies should not be a reason for confrontation. “Underdeveloped countries have a right to forge a new economic order and safeguard their industry as well as agriculture,” he underlined. We need a system based on equality and fairness.

Replying to a question he said, “Economic sanctions are a US foreign policy tool”. Policies of Bush have not helped Americans and world in any way, he added. The beginning of unipolar world has maximized human sufferings. If Barack Obama followed Bush, it will lead him nowhere, said Gustavo.

At the occasion Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President of Pakistan Economy Watch said that the US Human Rights and democratic reports is a tool designed to suppress opponents. Wars are being imposed under the banner of democracy and human rights.PEW

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