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Why Despondency Rules Pakistan

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problems1 After witnessing several major events which have jolted the very foundation of my beloved country I have decided to break my silence. I have witnessed many killings on account of suicide bombings, military operation against my Muslim brothers in Tribal areas, dismissal of Chief Justice of Pakistan and growing socio-economic and political unrest which is not likely to end in foreseeable future.

When I heard that major political parties are seeking constitutional amendments to strike balance of powers between the offices of President and the Prime Minister I am having nightmares. Never firger the fact it was constitutional crisis in 1971 which led to Pakistan’s dismemberment. Where we stand today. Same constitutional and judicial crisis, an unending crisis of economy where we are having dark nights on account of power shortage and mismanagement of the rulers who instead of serving larger interest of country are busy in making new schemes to perpetuate their inefficient governance and leaving no room for poor majority which is even deprived of healthy water.

In comparison when I look around I see even former East Pakistan and now Bangle Desh making more progress and having better literacy rate. What to talk of Korea, Malaysia and some other countries which were either liberated or were established after Pakistan’s independence.

What I see is we have no doubt lost the direction which was set by founding fathers of Pakistan. Self interest has overwhelmed the priority of official policies. Do we have acceptable Education Policy, Labour Policy, Legal Policy, Environment Policy, Defence Policy, Citizen’s safty Policy, Industrial and Agricultural policies. Answer is big NO.

In the absence of such important policies how we can ensure sustainable growth and a brighter future for next generations. We own a lot to next generations. This despondency is well deep rooted.

As a true Pakistani we are used to live in tension all the time. I think we can not live with out tension. That’s why our so caring Govt always try to provide different kind of tension to the common people. Even for basic things as they said food, Clothes and Houses but they fail to provide even clean drinking water.

The country’s condition is getting worse day by day. People are living on the false hopes. On the other hand the Govt servants or the people who are in the Govt are enjoying Luxury. Common person don’t have electricity most of the times but they are receiving large bills. Govt is unable to solve small issues so how to solve big issues.

They will keep blaming previous Govt until their own departure. Our Leaders don’t understand that being a leader is not about making yourself more powerful . It’s about making the people of your country more powerful.

Pakistan needs 159 years to catch up with industrialized nations, says a report by the commission on Growth and Development, an independent body based at the World Bank headquarters in Washington. The commission’s growth report, however notes that Pakistan can reach this milestones by 2050 if it maintains and annual growth rate of 8.3% and in 2100 if it maintains a growth rate of 4.9 per cent. But as the country’s condition it can take 359 years to catch up with industrialize nation.

The world is living in 21st Century and in Pakistan we are still in 4th or 5th Century. The world is making developments in Science, Technology, Medical, Education etc and we are still in the world of JAHALAT(ignorance). Politicians say that every thing is in the hand of common people but do any educated or wise person agree with this? I think there is nothing in the hand of common person at least in our country the power of common people is ZERO they can not change the condition of the country. I think this is the time we have to change our country’s name from Pakistan to JAHALISTAN.

Problems need serious approach and they must be addressed seriously without any slackness. As we all know that India is trying to stop all the rivers and keep the water of the rivers in the Indian Territory. So they are making Dams like Bagalhar Dam and other small dams as well. If India has succeeded in making Pakistan dry and and will be in very bad situation our so called Govt is not paying any attention on this matter.

They must take care of Pakistan. As they are Ministers, VIPs, Vadera (Land lord) and powerful just because of Pakistan otherwise they will be finish. They are not paying attention on Land Mafia who’s cutting the trees very fast. And now India is trying to get all the water.

That shows really horrible picture of Future. May God save Pakistan. I write this because as a Muslim it is our habit to give all the responsibility to God and not doing any thing. So I hope God will do some miracle for us. But on the other hand I feel God has much better things to do and God can not help Pakistan until we pay attention on these kinds of issues.

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Arzu Kazmihttp://www.pak-times.com
Arzu Kazmi is a young Journalist with a strong background of Journalism. Her Father Syed Salahuddin Aslam was famous journalist; he got a Gold Medal in reward of his services in the field of Journalism from Government of Pakistan in 1988. Arzu takes Journalism as pasion, she loves to write on Current Affairs. She wishes to see Pakistan as an educated, peaceful and standing in queue of developed countries. PEACEFUL COUNTRY.
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  2. We are ignoring the above fact and our government has no interest to take out Pakistan from the difficult situation.

    Well written article and I hope Arzu Kazmi will continue to write on truthful subject.

  3. Very nice and well written article from Arzu Kazmi. She has elaborated the subject from the core of heart with great passion which reflects her true patriotic feeling for this country.

    Keep it up. Hope to see more from Arzu on such topics.


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