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Gaza and Israel… a satellite view, an Anti-Zionist view.

A High Altitude View

Two views of the the Gaza-Israel conflict:

A High Altitude View
A High Altitude View

This photo pretty much explains itself.  It comes from a screen shot I did from Google Maps in early 2008.

The second view is more recent.

Anti-zionist jews close the Israeli consulate in Los Angels on january 15 2009
Anti-zionist jews close the Israeli consulate in Los Angels on january 15 2009

From the page: “Early this morning, Jewish activists in a historic first in Los Angeles, chained themselves to the entrance of the Israeli Consulate and blocked the driveway to the parking structure, blocking all traffic in and out of the building.  “We sent a clear message to the world that LA Jews are part of the global majority in opposition to the Israeli siege of Gaza,”  said Lenny Potash a 72-year old protester who was cuffed to eight other activists, blocking the driveway to the consulate.  The activists were joined by 50 other supporters and who chanted “LA Jews say, End the Siege of Gaza” and  “Not in Our Name! We will Not be Silent!”  Protesters also held up signs reading “Israeli Consulate: Closed for War Crimes.” “

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He Grew up in Cincinnati's west side, spent nine years in the corporate world, then seventeen years running his own consultancy, mostly to automobile machinery makers in Japan, China and the US.

He lived in Tokyo from 1992 to 1999. Besides serving auto industry clients (Toyota, Honda, Denso, Robert Bosch, Mitsubishi) he was the first non-Japanese accepted by the government as a paid advisor to Japanese small and medium sized companies. (Chushokigyochou, Division of JETRO and MITI).

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