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Pro Pakistan is with nice green and white colored theme i.e. colour of Pakistani Flag shows a true patriotic vision. The glittering effect depicts a wish bright future of Pakistan. For Pakistani community it is not less than a blessing to voice their opinions, emotions and feelings when it is really crucial for them to express what they feel, how do they think how do they perceive, what makes them happy, what makes them unhappy, how they want things to be done. Diverting the world’s attention and promoting a softer image f Pakistan is the main focus of Pro Pakistan. Pro Pakistan discusses everything that is going on in Pakistan relating to any issue whether it is of Political, Economical, Social issue or anything people find in Global Village important for them.

A quite enthusiastic and hardworking team of Pro Pakistan has converted this Blog among few of the top blogs of Pakistan in very short span of time. Most importantly Pro Pakistan is pioneer in organising Pakistan’s First Blog Writing Competition.

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times

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