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Protest rallies staged against Israeli strikes Gaza

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LAHORE: Hundreds of people stated protest demonstrators in several cities across Pakistan on Friday against Israel’s strikes on Gaza Strip. In Lahore, protesters chanted “Allahu Akbar” (God is greater), “Jihad against Israel” as they marched through the city centre. “The Islamic world failed to take timely action to stop Israeli action on Gaza,” Jamaat-e-Islami leader Liaquat Baloch told the crowd of hundreds.

He blasted the United Nations, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and human rights groups for failing to prevent the “massacre of Palestinians” and called for UN sanctions against Israel. More than 420 Palestinians were killed in Israel’s seven-day-old blitz on the densely populated Gaza Strip, as the Hamas called for a “day of wrath” in solidarity with those killed.

In the southern port city of Karachi, more than 200 protestors rallied outside mosques after main Friday prayers, with some burning an effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as well as Israeli and US flags.

Demonstrators also rallied in the central city of Multan, burning an effigy of Olmert and the Israeli flag.
Pakistan has strongly condemned Israel’s air strikes, calling them counterproductive and urging a stop to the fighting.

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  1. PETITION to PM Gordon BROWN to stop the USA military infringing the sovereign state of Pakistan
    Anjum Sohail Kiani Kallar Syedan/Sheffield has condemned the ongoing attacks by USA military drones/missiles on Pakistan and called it a serious infringement of international law and attack on a sovereign nation. These attacks would be seen by the people of Pakistan as an attempt to destabilise Pakistan and its democratic goverment which could send the whole region in to anarchy and the effects would be seen all over the world.

    Every time public opinion in Pakistan goes against the terrorists the USA launch a missile attack which flames the anti America feeling in Pakistan. The USA missile attacks are having a bad effect on the all attempts made by the Govt of Pakistan and the elders in the Tribal areas who are trying to get rid of the foreign terrorists.

    I appeal to you all to sign up to the below petition to let the UK government know about your opposition to current strategy of the USA. Also make others aware to publicise this petition which is running succesfully on the Downing Street web site.

    If none of the civilised so called countries have turned their eyes from the genocide in Gaza who do you think will stop what could happen in Pakistan


  2. There should be some actions against the Israeli strikes in Gaza…..jihad must be announced against those nuts for killing thousands of innocent muslims……great job from Pakistan.

  3. No different than Great Hitler Israel has long lost the moral war, and just like NAZI Germany Israel too is dancing due to military skaliton for its survival,Just like Jews in Nazi Germany were accused of every sin or murder and every body in eroupe believed how dangerous were Jews before the end of 2nd world war, nobody believed Jews in those days, as every body believed what military powerfull media of Hitler presented anti jewish news and documentry, to brainwash the mass population in all eroupe,Jews in those days cried for mercy to change the minds of people just like the poor suffering Palastinians are cring now for mercy and justice, now ,just to simply to survive, but Israeli military powerful media is so much controling the media, the victim of palastinian Holocust continues for nearly sixiy years, and will continue for ever, because Jews will never capacitate mercy like always in thier history,Beside Jews know who is thier friends and who is thier enemy, while muslims dont have brain power to know who is thier friend and who is thier enemy, beside muslims are good at making enemies and repell their few friends.
    Israel âre in Pakistan through American military cordinators for suply of goods and arms to Afghanistan, Israel is every where, because they are smart and very well organised,no can talk against jews in western media , even Aljazeera (english) cant say any thing aginst Israel, even in UNO Israel controls outcome of all legislations, with help of it s powerfull friends,Israel has put it self so high due to its unity and well organisation and brain power, that God (ALLAH) sides with jews, as all jews pray in unity and exact what they need for thier common survival and to be at the top, and God the allah has no problem or confusion to fill fill jewish prayers, unlike muslims who most pray and wish againgst each other, confusing god the allah, so no prayer is granted,to muslim masses who determined to be dishonest and divided,hate against each other and others, as muslims lack to be positve example for the non muslims, Islam is great faith, but if masses would have kept islam high with its morals and in science technology or military,muslims and world would have been reaping the fruit of being muslims, muslims would be better off than the western countries, with great morals and strength, and scurity ,and without trators who get sold to western nations to distroy and defame Islamic countries,In islamic countries only the dictators survive well who side with america and against the cause of muslims, and all the arab and muslims countries are governed by such pro American, dicktators,and as soon these dicktators are used and abused by american against thier own people, these dicktators when of no use to america, so these dicktators are topled like sadam, and latter put new dictators,to serve american cause to keep muslims backward and defenceless,Even Saudis dicktators cooprate with Israel to let Israeli civil flight to fly over saudi air space.withot these flights over saudi air space , Israel would have been forced to halt the bombing the palastinians in Gaza.
    America respects Israel, as american know Israelis are smart and well organised,American know if they willl side with muslim countries and turn against Israel, American know the result in advance,the result to turn against israel will be far greater dangerous to west and america,so america tries every thing not to turn Israel against ,because Israel will hit them very hard in many many aspects,Financially, militarily, and american dont want to be under mercy under threats from Israel,A disagreement between America and Israel will be devestating for America,and americans are aware of it.so it is matter of survival fo america to side with smart Israelis, and take a neglegible risk to repel muslims and arabs,as muslims are farless stratigic danger to america, which america can handle very welll with the help of Israel and few Muslim dicktators.

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