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Qazi demands mid-term elections

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Qazi Hussain Ahmed has demanded to conduct mid-term elections in the country to change leadership for courageous decisions. Qazi Hussain said the country was facing same situation like the 1971 and to bring out the country out of present situation will be the responsibility of new elected government after the mid-term election.

This he said while addressing to the members of Central Executive Committee of the JI adding that military dictators always harmed the country, adding that the people should not hope better from them. He said the policies of the present government are based on hypocrisy and rulers are toeing the line of American rulers.

Qazi Hussain said the borders on East and West front have become insecure and country is facing worst financial problems. He said the helplessness of Iraqi, Afghani, Kashmiri; Palestinian Muslims reached its worst position.

He said after the Mumbai attacks all countries are favoring the Indian stance that Pakistan should hand over the terrorists to India. Qazi further stated that India also wants to conduct surgical strikes on some targets in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and it wants Pakistan’s silence on these attacks as it is doing on US drone attacks inside Pakistan.

He said if the government will continue to toe its present policy more Islamic organizations will face ban as it happened with Jamaatud Dawa. Qazi Hussain Ahmed said police is throwing tear gas on the protesting people against the load shedding in the country due to which many Industrial Units already have been shut down and shortage of food items is feared in future.

He said the present government is following the polices of former President Musharraf and after promising with people to repeal 17th amendment and other unconstitutional steps of Musharraf the government has not fulfilled its promises. He said PPPP government denied restoring the deposed judges and all the key decisions are taking by the single person and parliament has made ineffective.-SANA

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