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Israel’s New Year Gift


Israel, the world’s only country with no internationally-declared borders, has begun the deadly dance of death and destruction in Gaza city which is located in 1.5 million strong Gaza strip, the world’s most densely populated area. As Israel prepares for a long haul with tanks massed along the Gaza after the aerial strikes, the official silence of Egypt and Jordan has resulted in mental agony for the hapless Palestinians. Palestinians have been betrayed not only by Israel alone but by their “own” people. This fact can be gauged from Egyptian government’s decision to seal its border along the Gaza strip at Rafah Crossing thus aggravating the humanitarian crisis fuelled by a country whose does not believe in human rights. Israel is the only country in the world which has violated the maximum number of United Nations’ resolutions since it came into existence in November 1948 with the help of a United Nation’s resolution!

Israel’s history of complete disregard to human rights and international law will put any human being to shame. Five years ago, Rachel Corrie, an American human rights activist with International Solidarity Movement was crushed to death by an armoured Israeli bulldozer as she was protesting against the destruction of Palestinian homes in Gaza strip.

The current situation was propelled by an economic blockade by Israel two months ago as a response to what it says “rocket and mortar fire” by Hamas, the ruling militant organization in Gaza strip. An Egyptian-brokered peace truce between Israel and Hamas was broken ten days ago. This situation was exploited by Israel to intensify an already existent economic blockade thus making ordinary life miserable. Just a day before the Israeli offensive, Rami Almeghari, a lecturer of Islamic University of Gaza could not find bread in Gaza!

An empty stomach has a right not only to hunger but anger as well. It is in this context that Hamas rocket attack into Southern Israel must be interpreted.

BBC reported on November 13 that “Gaza may be without United Nations food aid from November 15 after Israel has refused to allow in emergency supplies.” The Israeli blockade was not merely economic but academic as well. 27-year old Belal Bedwan, a resident of Nuseirat Refugee Camp in Central Gaza told BBC that he had twice missed the chance to study abroad since he was not allowed to move out of Gaza although he had got admission in Malaysian University as late as July 2008! “The Israelis stopped me leaving Erez in the north and the Egyptians stopped me at Rafah in the south,” he had told BBC.

A Palestinian noise is never heard through voice. Al-Qassam rockets are the only means to draw the world’s attention.

Shifa hospital, where most of the injured are being treated does not have adequate medical wares. Laila El-Haddad, a Gaza-based journalist wrote that medical supplies like face masks, surgical gloves, gowns etc. are in short supply.

She wrote that the heading in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz ‘Over 50 targets by 60 warplanes’ sounds like a “movie tagline or a game.” She sarcastically termed the Israeli offensive as “Neatly packaged war in a gift-box.”

Among 300 dead bodies, there are at least 20 children. Perhaps this war is the Jewish states’ New Year gift to a Palestinian mother.

Israeli has lost one war against Lebanon’s Hezbullah in 2006. Israel will lose this war against democratically-elected Hamas again because the days of age-old saying ‘Might is right’ are dead. Israel may win this battle but it will lose the war. An increasing number of non-Muslims are raising their voice against the Israeli barbarism.

An American Christian had this to say in a letter to a Palestinian:
I apologize for what is happening to your people and your family. I wish the U.S. were coming out more strongly in condemnation of the Israeli violent actions. I have called the U.S. Secretary of State office and expressed my concern and my desire that the U.S. more strongly condemn today’s Israeli actions. I sent an email of condemnation to the Israeli Foreign Ministry. I also sent an email to the American Jewish Committee, and expressed very strongly my disapproval of that organization’s statement today in support of the Israeli action.

With the ongoing global recession the downfall of Israel’s biggest ally has already begun. Empires don’t fall overnight; first comes the decline and then fall. The Mughal Empire’s decline began after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707. But the fall came 150 years later in 1857. At present America is sinking in a sea of debt. Afghanistan and Iraq wars have severely wounded the backbone of America’s economy.

Israel is heading the same path of destruction. It is digging its own grave.



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