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Expression of Islamic terrorism unacceptable: Mukharjee

KOLKATA: Indian Minister for External Affairs Pranab Mukherjee has said that a “disinformation campaign” had launched against Islam by terming it as religion of terrorism. Addressing a ceremony to mark 200 years of the Bengali translation of the Quran on Monday here, he said that the term ‘Islamic terrorism’ is “unacceptable”.

Mukharjee said, “Not only is this expression Islamic terrorism unacceptable, there should be protest against it. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. The patriotism of Muslims is no less than others in the country”.

He said deliberate attempts were being made to vitiate the atmosphere but Islam, which preached love and communal harmony, was against terrorism. “Terrorism is against humanity.” He said universal brotherhood was the basis of Islam which attracted people all over the world to it.

Mukharjee said that after 9/11, people in Europe and US coined the phrase ‘Islamic terrorism’ and tried to project it was a conflict between Islamic and Christian civilisations. Challenging those who described Islam as a religion of fundamentalists, Mukharjee asked them to show which part of the Holy Book encouraged fundamentalism.-SANA

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