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Mumbai attacks conspiracy to overshadow Kashmir issue: Lord Nazir

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ISLMABAD: British Member Of Parliament Lord Nazir Ahmed has termed Mumbai attacks as conspiracy to divert the world’s attention from Kashmir issue. Addressing a press conference along with former Prime Minister AJK Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry on Sunday here, he said that there was a strong conspiracy behind Mumbai mayhem as it was executed in a time when international community was considering Kashmir and Palestine issues as basic hurdle for restoration of peace in the world.

He said that it sounded as a conspiracy to catch the people’s attention prior to elections as BJP was taking full advantage of the attacks. “Indian and Britain media pointed finger at Pakistan soon after the attacks even without proofs as having same roots they always seeking to defame Pakistan”, Lord Nazir added.

He condemned Palestinians’ massacre by Israel saying on the one side Israel was butchering them and on the other hand Indian army was engaged in mass-killing of Kashmiris since long. He, however, expressed solidarity with Palestinians and demanded Muslim Ummah to call OIC emergency meeting over the issue immediately.

Lord Nazir lauded US President-elect Barack Obama’s statement on Kashmir and Palestine issues adding the radicalism would be increasing in Muslim world unless these issues are resolved as international community adopted double standard with Muslim.

He urged Kashmiri politicians not to give statements regarding presence of trained people in the area as it would severely hurt Kashmir cause. To a question regarding in-house change in AJK, he said that in-house change is the key characteristic of the democracy and it would not harm Kashmir issue rather leave a positive impact on it.

He also lauded the role of Pakistani media particularly after Mumbai attacks. On the occasion, former Prime Minister AJK Barrister Sultan Mehmood said that India had hatched conspiracy in shape of Mumbai attacks to divert the world’s attention from the issue after the statement of US President-elect Barack Obama on Kashmir and expected nomination of former US President Bill Clinton as special envoy on Kashmir.

He said that India was unable to provide any sufficient evidence regarding involvement of Pakistanis in Mumbai attacks as UN and Interpol also seconded Islamabad’s stance. He urged international community to play a role for the resolution of Kashmir issue as the peace path of the region comes through Kashmir.

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