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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

War against War

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India and Pakistan; two neighbors; two rivals last but not the least two Nuclear powers are going through the critical times of history. Since 1947 People of India and Pakistan have witnessed three wars causing loss of several thousands lives. For past several years India and Pakistan have enjoyed good relations; a peace process was going on; Confidence Building Measures were taken and people in both countries were becoming close after dividing Sub-continent.

Recent Mumbai Terrorist Attacks has worsened the situation. War hysteria has captured both the nations. Adding fuel to fire Indian Media has played a very negative role in propagating Pakistan’s involvement in Mumbai terror Attacks. Similarly Media in Pakistan started a blame game resulting surging demand of war in India against Pakistan and retaliation from Pakistan against India. So much is going on.. but everyone asks one question “Will War Occur?”.

A poll on Pakistan Times reveals half of the people concede India and Pakistan can afford War while exactly half disagree with the statement. That reflects similar how information feeders have modified the opinions in both the countries that Indian Government has allocated forces on borders; and Pakistan Arm Forces are exercising for any anticipated attack.

n diplomatic levels moves are up to defuse tensions between India and Pakistan; Forces are moving on borders, Media is threading, tones and body languages are changed from both governments and on people level attitudes are changing. People denote these activities as pressure tactics; and phenomenon like War on Terror does not fit for this anticipated war between India and Pakistan capable of destroying the world peace.

However half of the people who promote peace and do not want war are more vocal and heard than those who promotes war. In this regard Pakistan Times has started a series of Interviews with Indian and Pakistani journalists who are with Pakistan Times in promotion of Peace; branding it as War against War. Questions asked from Indian Journalists and bloggers are basic questions people in Pakistan; similarly questions asked from Pakistani journalists are in the way Indian people want. Sole cause behind these interviews is promotion of peace and not hurting anyone’s feelings and projection of neutral and unbiased perspectives. Team of Pakistan Times wishes to bring constructive change through these interviews.

Team of Pakistan Times hopes this series of interviews will play positive role in changing public opinion to certain extent. Everyone in both countries is more than welcome to join us in this cause of promotion of peace. Everyone would deem it wise to agree that war brings nothing just destruction.

Join Hands to promote Peace

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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