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PTI Membership Campaign: 20,000 join in capital

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Islamabad Mega Membership Campaign for Change come to an end, more than 20,000 people have joined PTI in Islamabad. Talking to SANA, PTI Islamabad Chapter General Secretary Awais Khalid said that PIT had set up 11 member ship camps including two mobile camps one of them were installed in NA-48 and other in NA-49.

He said that very warm response was witnessed during the campaign from the part of citizens of Islamabad saying some days were harmed due to bad weather but even though the participation of the citizens at the large number showed that the people wanted change.

He said that among the new comers youth had joined at very large scale as the figures reflected that more than 70 percent youngsters joined during the campaign that he termed as a positive sign for the country and PTI. However, PTI Chairman Imran Khan, in his message to the new comers, welcomed them and urged them to work for the change saying PTI was the only party that could change the current feudal and corrupt system.

To a question, Khalid said that the numbers of registered members of PTI, Islamabad were 13,000 which reached to 33,000 during the campaign saying the young and fresh blood would play active part for the change. “Along with youngsters, the lawyers and women in large number also joined PTI which reflect that the party’s Chairman Imran’s vision is equally popular among the all sections of the society”, he added.

Quoting the new comers, he said that they believe that PTI was the only ray of hope for the country as Imran Khan never compromised on the country’s interest for his personal benefit.

He also lauded the serves of PTI members who participated in the campaign saying only round about 100 workers took part in the activity and achieved marathon success as due to their effort PTI covered the distance of years in ten days. PTI, Islamabad would host a reception ceremony in the honor of the new comers very soon.

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