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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Indian daily claims Mossad, CIA behind Mumbai attacks

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NEW DELHI: In the season of conspiracy theories, there is another one that is gaining ground. A demand for the probe of Mossad and CIA’s role behind the Mumbai terror attacks has been made by Roznama, Rashtriya Sahara’s a leading Indian Urdu daily.

The demand comes at a time when minority affairs minister A R Antulay, supported by large sections of the Muslim community, has demanded a probe into the killing of Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare.

Roznama group editor Aziz Burney said the operation could not have succeeded without local support. “The terrorists came at least some time before 26/11. They created a hub in Nariman House. Neighbours have said that they noticed the presence of some strangers a few days before the attack,” said the well-known Urdu journalist in an effort to link the Mumbai attacks to a conspiracy involving Jews. Nariman House is owned by a Jewish sect. According to him, terrorists ordered large amounts of mutton and other provisions to last for several days.

He also added that it was impossible to stash such arms and ammunition in the Taj Hotel without having checked in for some time. “Why isn’t the guest list being checked. The terrorists would have received some support from within the hotel,” he said.

Linking the Mumbai terror attacks to 9/11, the editor said that on the day that New York was attacked, deaths of Jewish citizens was minimal because they had been forewarned and had taken off from work. “That was a plot hatched by Mossad and CIA and so is the Mumbai attacks,” he said.

Burney said the attacks were part of a larger conspiracy hatched in connivance with the Congress government, Leader of Opposition L K Advani, Mossad and Chota Rajan to disable the Malegaon investigations. He also named Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Rajnath Singh as involved in the conspiracy.-SANA

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  1. Indians are all angels – Pakistanis are all devil. Who is India fooling ? The whole world knows the criminal intent of the smooth-talking Hindu. The dirt that resides in his/her mind. The whole world knows the Bania. Pakistan must destroy India, before it is destroyed. The time for the final / drop-scene has come. Destroy India before it destroys you. Destroy Israel., so that the huge statue of America falls on its face. So what if 16 crore Pakistanis die in the bargain. Pakistan is the child of “EMOTION”… and love for an ideology. One must die for one’s emotions and love… if need be. Pakistan was not created out of “Planning”., or for reason of profit and loss. The arabs are weak and castrated. Pakistan must destroy India and Israel simultaneously… .That would be a huge contribution to humanity. Eliminate Israel., and the whole middle east will begin to live again. In the bargain if 16 crore pakistanis have to die, it is worth it. India and Israel are eternal enemies of Pakistan., and will attack/destroy Pakistan today., tomorrow., or the day after. The reality must be faced.

  2. India se panga mat lena.. 28,65, 71 and kargil ki war ki pitai bhool gaye.. pakistan ki hizra army k 93000 fauzio ne indian army k saamne naak ragri thi.Surrende ka world record hai wo….. us pitai ka bhool gaye… 1-1 ko ghar mei ghuskar maarenge hum.. rocking indians.

  3. Javed Bhai..Jay Bharat Maa ki!!!…aapne acha yaad dilaya….sahi hai!!!…India kisi se panga nahi chahta hai….hum shanti chate hai..bhaichara hi humara garv hai…yeah hain Mahatma Gandhi ka style!!!..but ek baat dunya jaan le….humare mulk main Netaji Subhas Bose jaise bhi mahan log thain…great Bengali!!!….hila ke rakhne walon mai se thain…hum Gandhiji ka kehna ek had tak maan te hai..ki koi jaab tak kuch na bigare tab tak amman shanti se rahenge…lekin ..kisi ne humari matri bhoomi ko chone ka sahas bhi kare ..to Netaji ki vani hum zaroor manenge…”koi ek thappar mare…to usee 100 maro!!!”….
    Hindu-Musalmaan-Qoumi Ekta Zindabaad!!!

    Khair….hum aisa nahin chahte hai..kyu ki hum hinsak manav nahi hai…uparwale ne hume dil ..dimag dono vardaan pradan kiya hai..isliye Samir bhai ..apko yeahi kahunga…larai jhagre bhool jao….ao gale lago…hum tumhare apne hain…..in netao ke chakkar main na faso..aur dil ki awaaz ko suno..bam bari se kisi ka kuch nahin bana….sarhad ko banakar kisi ka kuch nahin bana…punjab ka batwara…dunya ke itihas ka sabse dukhad pehloo hai…aaj bhi hum Punjabi garv ke saath kehte hai “Lahore Lahore hai”….”Jutt mareya Lyallpur daka …” jaise gana aaj bhi gate hai…shadi main bhi kala doreya gatain hai “Suthna Chheet Diyan Multanon aaiya ve” is pankti ke saath…
    Isliye kehta hoon bhai….shanti aman main yakin rakho…bas…aur bam bari ki baat mat kiya karo…bahut chot lagti hai dil main!..khush rehna…ache insaan bano..

  4. the hindus and muslims plus others are foolish victims of the real mischief makers who have sold they loyalty to foreigners at the expense of they people and country. when hindus bomb in india and blame the muslims who will hindu masses believe did it and vice versa?

    in pakistan it is the same , ordinary people get killed for the crimes of the rich and useless thieves in government. religion is not the issue here, if it was there would be no religion besides islam in india as we could have forced you all to islam during the 1000 years of muslim rule! islam is peace and we want the same for all, why are there mass murders in india against muslims but never against hindus in any muslim countrys worldwide?
    recognise your enemies and fight for truth so that we can all live and let live in peace on Allahs earth!

  5. These comments whose names are not known to any body and are hidden are equal to anonymous. They should not be taken at the face value. Any body can write anything and no one knows who wrote them. These comments are weak people’s voice who are weak psychologically and naturally physically. Take them easy. Wisdom is owned by people who have vision which are rare in possess.

  6. Can you please provide a link to the papers website to confirm if its authentic?

    “Roznama, Rashtriya Sahara’s a leading Indian Urdu daily” doesn’t give me a good reason to believe this.

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