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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Warriors are Peacelovers too

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Sitting in a sofa, in a room with heater, you heard roar of a P.A.F plane flying high in the sky.
Switch on the T.V. Almost every channel is showing some NEWS about the war threats.
An immediate question: “what is going to happen?

War is not an enjoyable thing. People loose lives, men die, children become orphans, hunger, poverty, inflation of prices, economic crisis and blood shed. As soon as you start thinking about war, all of the sudden fear of loosing your life runs through your bones and veins. No, No, No please don’t start arguing now. Let me finish.

Fear is a natural instinct of human beings. If you feel it, this shows that you are normal. Avoiding war is the best solution. But what will you do when somebody crosses your boundary wall and comes inside your house to harm you and your family? Are you going to Request him that please don’t do this because we are harmless and innocent people. Will he listen to you? If your reply is in affirmative then I am surprised.

Correct yourself. Every Muslim in the world is a terrorist, a message of terror for the enemies of Islam, Symbol of destruction for them who are trying to destroy Muslims, nightmare for the Rapists and killers, destroyers of those who are the destroyers of mankind, fighters against slavery, lethal warriors against torturers of helpless.

Read the Quran. Study the Life of Prophet (S.A.W). Muslims are shower of blessings for those who do not fight against Islam, for those who are not cruel to the mankind but at the same time they are eliminators of in-justice, cruelty against mankind and enmity against Islam.

Yes! War spreads hatred and destruction. You can stop this only by giving them a strong message that “We, the warriors, do not want war!” But if they do not understand you, you will two choices. Fight like Muslims or die like beggars.

Why don’t you get surprised when you watch your child watching the cartoon Superman?
Why don’t you tell him that Allah has sent Muslims with a great responsibility in the world? You, in your inner-self, know this very well, that when you will rise again, you will be asked that where were you when your helpless Brothers and Sisters needed you?

History you proudly read is not for the sake of enjoyment. Who were they? How many were they in Badar? 313 against 1000. Three times lesser than the enemy. They fought like heroes, blessed by Allah and ruled the world. We keep sitting and proudly telling the stories are not heroes. We are the story tellers. Why the screams of your mothers and sisters, being raped, do not haunt you? Why can’t you see the color of the Muslim blood in the streets? Today is them, tomorrow it may be us. Fearing death stops you from living. Love for this life which in any case is not yours, refrain you from protesting against your own rights. Live a coward’s life and die like a slave or Live like a Muslim and keep the promise of the Kalimah. Either wake up or don’t complain.

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